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    Posted by Sharon on 5/12/10


    Sorry to hear of your family's problems with mold, landlord,
    eviction, etc. No one on this board will be of much help to
    you of how to get justice over the matter.

    I have two suggestions:

    1. Join There are people
    there that have been thru what you have.

    2. Contact this tenant's right org in Arizona. I think he
    is tapped in to other states, such as New Jersey.

    Best of Luck to you.

    On 5/11/10, PAUL wrote:
    > we have extensive black mold in our rental house - the
    > landlord has been aware of this ongoing problem and has
    > done nothing - in fact he never had a certificate of
    > occupancy from the city when we leased the house and has
    > not provided any notices required by New Jersey law; we
    > moved from out of state and were not aware of any of these
    > requirements until i began researching the statutes to
    > fight an eviction - we now believe we are having health
    > issues from the mold but are un-insured and have not
    > sought medical care - we stopped paying rent in april and
    > now are being taken to court for eviction - we need a good
    > attorney and some help - we don't have the resources to
    > move right away

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