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    Re: Moldy Logic NAA Amicus 2009 & Blog 2010

    Posted by Deborah on 5/20/10

    They have seen the light...with much prodding, of course.

    On 5/19/10, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    > August 31, 2009 NAA Amicus Curiae Brief submitted into a
    > litigation as a purportedly substantive scientific
    > reference for the courts to consider when denying insurer
    > and NAA member responsibility for causation of new born
    > infant deaths from mold:
    > “In a report entitled, ‘A Scientific View of the Health
    > Effects of Mold’, a panel of scientists, including
    > toxicologists and industrial hygienists stated that years
    > of intense study have failed to produce any causal
    > connection between exposure to indoor mold and adverse
    > health effects.’ U.S. Chamber of Commerce, A Scientific
    > View of the Health Effects of Mold (2003)”
    > May 19, 2010 NAA Website:
    > Mold: Your Silent Enemy -Blog
    > "The mold that we deal with in our industry can pose
    > potentially harmful effects to residents, employees and to
    > your company’s bottom line"
    > (Gee, wonder what else could cause problems with a
    > company's bottom a legal proceeding?)
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