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    Re: Moldy Logic NAA Amicus 2009 & Blog 2010

    Posted by Rem Dude on 5/22/10

    The NAA’s position on mold is consistent with current research and
    facts regarding mold exposure and does not embrace the junk
    science associated with the black toxic mold hysteria. With
    frivolous litigation a real danger for multifamily operators, it
    is reassuring that the Chamber of Commerce document and many
    others are finding their way into the courts.

    It is time that the hysteria surrounding “black toxic mold” cease.
    It is also time for those pushing the black toxic mold agenda wake
    up and embrace the facts as well.

    Rem Dude

    On 5/22/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Rem Dude,
    > Really? Then why is the NAA educating their members that mold
    > can harm tenants' health and sometimes even cause death..while
    > their attorneys are telling judges the EXACT opposite?
    > The US Chamber paper claims that it is scientifically
    proven "the
    > notion that toxic mold is an insidious secret killer is a result
    > of trial lawyers, media and junk science". Not according to the
    > NAA's own blog as they are informing their members why it is
    > important to address asap.
    > Can you cite to the scientific source reference for the
    > concluding above statement found in the US Chamber paper, "A
    > Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold"?
    > And if this is such a stellar substantive science paper, then
    > do you think none of its named co-authors will even claim they
    > wrote it, in on their CV's?
    > kramer-letter-to-andrew-saxon-mold-issue/
    > It really is a bit scary that you give advice to people, both
    > occupants and owners/property mgrs, while professing to have
    > expertise in this area. Wonder how much money has been wasted
    > when prop mgrs have been forced to defend the lack of protection
    > for their occupants/bad faith because they relied on
    > your "professional" advice.
    > On 5/22/10, Rem Dude wrote:
    >> “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold” is an
    >> excellent guidance document for property managers and those
    >> who have been frightened by black toxic mold hysteria. We
    >> constantly encounter clients who have become terrified of
    >> bathroom mold after reading web sites pontificating the
    >> lethality of all things moldy.
    >> Fortunately, the Chamber of Commerce and many other well
    >> respected organizations and researchers are getting the truth
    >> out regarding the true dangers of mold exposure.
    >> Rem Dude
    >> On 5/20/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>> They have seen the light...with much prodding, of course.
    >>> On 5/19/10, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >>>> August 31, 2009 NAA Amicus Curiae Brief submitted into a
    >>>> litigation as a purportedly substantive scientific
    >>>> reference for the courts to consider when denying insurer
    >>>> and NAA member responsibility for causation of new born
    >>>> infant deaths from mold:
    >>>> “In a report entitled, ‘A Scientific View of the Health
    >>>> Effects of Mold’, a panel of scientists, including
    >>>> toxicologists and industrial hygienists stated that years
    >>>> of intense study have failed to produce any causal
    >>>> connection between exposure to indoor mold and adverse
    >>>> health effects.’ U.S. Chamber of Commerce, A Scientific
    >>>> View of the Health Effects of Mold (2003)”
    >>>> May 19, 2010 NAA Website:
    >>>> Mold: Your Silent Enemy -Blog
    >>>> "The mold that we deal with in our industry can pose
    >>>> potentially harmful effects to residents, employees and to
    >>>> your company’s bottom line"
    >>>> (Gee, wonder what else could cause problems with a
    >>>> company's bottom a legal proceeding?)
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