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    Post: Good Case Law Re;Causation In Michigan

    Posted by Sharon on 5/21/10

    COURTROOM NEWS Harris Martin Publishing

    Michigan Appellate Decision:

    LANSING, Mich. —Defendants in a mold case that resulted in
    a $303,260 verdict for a family...

    The Gennas complained that a water heater leak in Jackson’s
    unit led to extensive mold contamination in the Genna home,
    and that they were forced to move after experiencing
    diarrhea, vomiting, congestion, nosebleeds, fevers and
    other symptoms.

    In affirming the verdict, the Court of Appeals found “ample
    circumstantial evidence that would ‘facilitate reasonable
    inferences of causation, not mere speculation. . .”
    (quoting Skinner v. Square D Co [445 Mitch 153, 163-164;
    516 NW2d 475 (1994)]).

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