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    Re: 3 years exposure to black mold

    Posted by Sharon on 6/14/10


    I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you and your
    girlfriend are having. Condo situations can be particularly
    challenging because of the question of who has responsibility
    to repair - the owner, the HOA, or the neighbor.

    This is a link to an excellent article of the matter. Hope
    it helps.

    Also, read the HOA convenents, conditions and regulations
    (CC&R) carefully, along with your individual insurance policy
    and that of the HOA's.

    There may be some answered spelled out there as to who is
    responsible for what. Each HOA CC&R's are unique to that HOA
    along with each individual insurance policy.

    On 6/13/10, Dan wrote:
    > My girlfriend owns a town home in campbell ca and has a
    > serious mold problem. Her master bedroom bathroom has no
    > windows and the vent fan was totally ineffective. She
    > developed mold throughout the entire bathroom all walls,
    > ceiling cabinets, even toiletry items. She has had a
    > mysterious abdominal pain for about the same time as well
    > as other issues. I stay there quite a bit and suffer from
    > asthma and allergies. I have severe when Im at her
    > home.She lost her job and Ive missed numerous oppurtunties
    > from being ill. I finally removed all drywall and
    > insallation as well as corrected a corroded water line and
    > instaslled a better fan. There are other health hazards
    > like leaking ptrap and water closet from the upstairs
    > neighbor. The hoa is relentless in pursuing their dues but
    > have ignored these issues. They sent a plumber to inspect
    > the problem he poked the fan with a screwdriver and said
    > the fans fine. We are paying for this major repair and the
    > hoa assumes no responsibilty. is this right?

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