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    Post: Oil and formaldahyde mix.

    Posted by Sharon on 7/01/10

    This is utterly amazing. They are bringing back the
    disasterous formaldahyde trailers as housing for the
    workers that are addressing the fall out of the oil spill
    disaster. Talk about limiting liability via establishing
    doubt of proximate cause of illness.

    Banned Trailers Return for Latest Gulf Disaster

    VENICE, La. — In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, they became
    a symbol of the government’s inept response to that
    disaster: the 120,000 or so trailers provided by the
    Federal Emergency Management Agency to people who had lost
    their homes.

    The trailers were discovered to have such high levels of
    formaldehyde that the government banned them from ever
    being used for long-term housing again.

    Some of the trailers, though, are getting a second life
    amid the latest disaster here — as living quarters for
    workers involved with the cleanup of the oil spill.

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