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    Re: Oil and formaldahyde mix.

    Posted by johncodie on 7/01/10

    I've seen the poster boards on the side of the road next to the
    local on-line colleges, "Oil Spill Clean-Up Training". I'm
    sure one of the first things they learn when getting this free
    training is how to sign a waiver, and hold one's breath for a
    long period of time. Sort of like the diver's that harvest
    pearls without any scuba gear. The trailers have had time to
    outgas like the new sofas that are purchased every day. The
    people on the coast will just have to get use to "Love Canal
    Syndrome". How do you turn internatinal waters into a Hazadous
    waste site? Who owns those waters to force the clean-up? Ray
    Mabus being put in charge. Good ole mother nature will put a
    good whipping on his feable attempts to be in charge of
    anything. We just heard of the Slush funds for the Tail Hook
    parties. Train the cadets young. Give them a garbage bag and
    let them become junior officers like the ones in charge.

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