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    Re: Oil and formaldahyde mix.

    Posted by Sharon on 7/03/10

    Yea, yea, yea, RemDud. Whatever. Happy 4th.

    Why do you say BTEX exposure is where the real story will be?


    On 7/01/10, johncodie wrote:
    > I've seen the poster boards on the side of the road next to the
    > local on-line colleges, "Oil Spill Clean-Up Training". I'm
    > sure one of the first things they learn when getting this free
    > training is how to sign a waiver, and hold one's breath for a
    > long period of time. Sort of like the diver's that harvest
    > pearls without any scuba gear. The trailers have had time to
    > outgas like the new sofas that are purchased every day. The
    > people on the coast will just have to get use to "Love Canal
    > Syndrome". How do you turn internatinal waters into a Hazadous
    > waste site? Who owns those waters to force the clean-up? Ray
    > Mabus being put in charge. Good ole mother nature will put a
    > good whipping on his feable attempts to be in charge of
    > anything. We just heard of the Slush funds for the Tail Hook
    > parties. Train the cadets young. Give them a garbage bag and
    > let them become junior officers like the ones in charge.

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