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    Post: ATT: Cigarette smokers and their passive victims

    Posted by Deborah on 7/16/10

    Alert, Alert,

    Commercial tobacco is hazardous to your health. It is
    loaded with many additives that are known toxins in
    addition to the addictive nicotine.

    The tobacco companies have conspired to blatantly lie
    about this for decades and have been found guilty of
    racketeering. For punishment, they will now, again,
    change the advertising on the packs of cigarette and may
    have to shell out big bucks for a short term media blitz
    doing the mea culpa routine.

    To summarize, cigarettes are very bad for you, the tobacco
    companies are guilty of racketeering in order to confound
    the science to minimize or negate liability to users of
    their products, and they will get a slap on the wrist, add
    additional warnings and more advertising to alert you to
    the negative health effects of using their products.

    You can still use your M(*L*#$ miles towards cool gear.

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