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    Re: Petroleum giant hires Gulf scientists

    Posted by Rem Dude on 7/23/10

    BP has the right to protect their data. Unless they are
    barring the Federal government from access to the site, this
    is much ado about nothing.



    On 7/23/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 7/17/10, Deborah wrote:
    > buy-gulf-coast-scientists
    > The report by NPR this morning is that BP got up and left
    > without any additional contact. South Alabama has evidently
    > held firm with not signing a Contract that would restrict
    > its ability to provide peer review data to the scientific
    > community. It appears to be the standard form legal
    > documents the tobacco industry tried unsucessfuly to impose
    > on its research scientist. If I am not mistaken each state
    > reserves the right to mandate disclosure of health related
    > issues. Each scientist indicated that their reputation was
    > more important than selling out to a corporate giant. Since
    > BP was reported to have doctored pictures of the response
    > command center, it is clear they are looking for whores of
    > the industry without british accents. From what i know of
    > the scientist that enjoy the coast, and their affection for
    > the work and enviroment, they won't be selling out. Alot of
    > outsiders will be pulled in to look like they are locals.
    > $225 an hour is too small for selling your soul and
    > heritage/legacy. I belive the mold whores went from $300 to
    > $550.

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