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    Re: Petroleum giant hires Gulf scientists

    Posted by johncodie on 7/26/10

    On 7/23/10, Deborah wrote:
    > RD,
    > How droll.
    > Please address that remark to Gulf coast residents.
    > I'll get the popcorn.
    > On 7/23/10, Rem Dude wrote:
    >> BP has the right to protect their data. Unless they are
    >> barring the Federal government from access to the site, this
    >> is much ado about nothing.
    >> Yawn
    >> RD

    BP has no rights as they they did not own the land they were
    operating upon, and violated the terms of their lease. If they
    can't' decide upon removing the CEO that allowed or contributed to
    the damages casued, they deserve to lose their 40% market share.
    Truck stops across the south have already switched to different
    franchise dropping BP products. If you would like a small taste of
    what the coast is experiencing buy a can of WD-40 and spray it into
    your dishwasher, your washer machine and your kitchen sink. Run a
    couple of cycles to try and clean it out, and then consume and wear
    the garments that would otherwise be clean. Let is absorb into
    your skin, and irritate your sensitive eyes. The people of the
    coast did not flea a Tropical storm after having been through the
    worst category 5. Skimmer boats still being parked behind locked
    fences. Where once you could not find a parking place for 50 miles
    of coastline, you could only count two cars in a mile. And do you
    think the clean up crews eat seafood; nope just smothered steak.
    The best polution award in the world goes to (BP, Best at
    Poluting). They have no rights. They have no data. They have no
    legacy. They have no country. Nobody wants them in their
    backyard; not even in our public parks. Payup and go way.

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