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    Re: AP Wire - RICO BP

    Posted by johncodie on 7/19/10

    The RICO laws were written in an attempt to curtail the
    powers of organized crime that gained power during periods
    of corrupted US government entities. There will be so many
    courts Federal and State tied up in jurisdiction, and where
    the torts occurred. You will certainly see federal
    protection of information from Homeland Security stating
    National Security denying information. RICO laws are overly
    broad as to classification as to qualify for the empowerment
    to obtain information. From previous congressinal testimony
    it was already indentified that TranOcean employees were
    already drilling beyond permit depths, and safety protocols
    were being bypassed. A nobel cause to give one's life for a
    country, or comrade but foolish to lay down one's rights for
    a proven protocol of safety for non-realized in gains to
    schedule. Any employee had the right to stop production,
    where was the whistle blower? RICO won't fly here. When
    all is said and done; Exon Valdeze government settlement
    will prevail over the State of Alaska State Rights.
    Mississippi Republican Governor has already initiated its
    own fleet of recovery ships as Lousiana is loosing its
    shipyard Avaondale in 2013. Another loss of 5,000 jobs to
    add to those not working the oil production. Lousiana
    welcomed the oil/chemical dollar; Mississippi did not. As
    the two states fought to control of the Mississippi years
    having to have the Supreme Court order a stop order from the
    Corp of Engineers. LSU, Southern Miss, and Florida State in
    association with Woodshole MA have a bench mark for the
    health of the River, and Coastal Waters. We already have an
    administration caving in on paying for known losses due to
    legal technical issues; of prove me you could have had a
    better year. Respect China for the swift recourse of the
    individuals sending us cadimnum toys. A firing squad in the
    international waters under marine time law would be
    gracious. Round them up and provide a special oil soaked
    enviroment for them to live off the land.

    On 7/19/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Check this one out!!!!
    > RICO law made to combat Mafia used in BP lawsuits By CURT
    > ANDERSON (AP) 8 hours ago
    > "Attorneys are using a law enacted to combat the Mafia in
    > lawsuits accusing BP and Transocean of committing crimes
    > that led to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill....RICO, which
    > stands for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt
    > Organizations....Civil RICO cases can lead to criminal
    > prosecutions. The Justice Department is looking at all
    > possible criminal violations. Copyright 2010 The
    > Associated Press. All rights reserved".
    > Wonder if I could get a copy of this RICO filing so I
    > just white out some names, insert others and file a new
    > RICO suit. With the way things have been going of rampant
    > agnotology in the US, seems like someone should just make
    > template for filing these things with fill in the blanks
    > for the named co-conspirators de jour.
    > It's all the same game. Many of the same players are seen
    > over and over again - just a different day, different
    > of environmental illness to deny and to profit from
    > doubt upon.
    > Agnotology is "the study of culturally-induced ignorance
    > doubt, particularly the publication of inaccurate or
    > misleading scientific data. Ignorance is often not merely
    > the absence of knowledge but an outcome of cultural and
    > political struggle."
    > Sharon Kramer

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