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    Re: AP Wire - RICO BP

    Posted by johncodie on 7/20/10

    On 7/19/10, Sharon wrote:
    > "A firing squad in the international waters under marine time
    > law would be gracious." LoL
    > They keep saying "its leaking" but seem a bit criptic about
    > Leaking what? Oil? Or something else?

    Bringing pirates from Somolia to New York City and deciding its
    just to expensive to try the individual. Or waiting for a clear
    shot to kill a hostage taking a Ship Captain hostage.
    Marinetime law is not much different from many states Castle
    Laws. US Sailors trying to scare the hell out of a Pirate just
    weilding an AK47.

    Leakage in the Gulf is Oil. In the old days flushing a quart of
    Quaker State in the toliet helped foil the mosquito population
    until the enviromental effects were found to be worse.

    The gulf barrier islands were prohibited from even being sprayed
    by the costal counties for mosquitoes. An enviromental
    santuary. National Jems have been stolen from our future
    generations. Word now is BP has aligned with Lybia. How else
    would you charaterize terrorist or terrorist sympatizers.

    In Napa Valley armed guards with scoped rifles stand guard next
    to the vineyard water irrigation sources. What happens when
    California is cut off from her water supply?

    The oil leak is the legal defense team from BP that is in the
    process of channeling monies into next term elections.


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