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    Posted by Deborah on 8/10/10

    I am truly sorry to have associated my name with this group at
    all. I had reservations to begin with and I, by nature, am
    not much of a joiner.

    There is a lack of transparency and forthrightness that brings
    recollections of Veritox to mind.

    My only intent in the postings I have made on this board for
    the last decade was to bring attention to the terrible
    injustice and criminality concerning conflicts of interest and
    suppression of scientific and medical research and to provide
    source information for individuals and brave plaintiffs'
    attorneys who might try to seek redress via the civil justice

    On 8/08/10, Deborah Daniels wrote:
    > To Whom It May Concern:
    > I was affiliated with the aforementioned group using my
    > married name of Davitt. I have recently resigned from this
    > group to which I contributed virtually nothing.
    > I wish to take the time to point out that there is a member
    > on the board, one Lee Daniels, listed as a public health
    > advocate, who is not a relative of mine or in any way
    > connected to my family. I have no personal knowledge of
    > this person or his/her activism in IAQ issues.
    > Sincerely,
    > Deborah Daniels Davitt

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