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    Posted by JohnCodie on 8/10/10

    On 8/08/10, Deborah Daniels wrote:
    > To Whom It May Concern:
    > I was affiliated with the aforementioned group using my
    > married name of Davitt. I have recently resigned from this
    > group to which I contributed virtually nothing.
    > I wish to take the time to point out that there is a member
    > on the board, one Lee Daniels, listed as a public health
    > advocate, who is not a relative of mine or in any way
    > connected to my family. I have no personal knowledge of
    > this person or his/her activism in IAQ issues.
    > Sincerely,
    > Deborah Daniels Davitt

    I pulled up the membership list and found alot of wolfs in
    sheep skins. Many ready and able to take up your cause for
    a special fee. They got together to write their own
    position paper; while claiming the US Navy has their own
    mold remediation guidelines. Just more sheepskin to cover
    the money blood hungry of wanting to obtain federal funding
    for mold studies. The US Navy builds their primary
    resicence out either steel, or fiber glass; wood products
    providing fuel for harmful toxic fumes are not desired. The
    most proficient manual for toxic removal is the acidic
    cleaning of the toliets. So why would this group take a
    Katrina handout provided to rescue workers for Katrina
    clearly giving outdated references to the New York City
    Guidelines and try to turn it into a Federal Mold Guideline
    Document? So it would legitimize their position? I
    champion and applaud your decision. I only wish Sharon
    would likewise disassociate. The group is no more than a
    Tea party soliciting for funds so support their gravy
    train. What is a bandwagon without the hay, just a buch of
    boobs, on public display. jc

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