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    Posted by Sharon on 8/11/10


    Where do you get these wild ascertions?

    Now let me see if I have this straight: Your name is John Codie. I bet that
    is connected to Wild Bill Cody's family and that you changed the spelling.
    Bill is the first name of the ex-President, Clinton. Therefore, you must have
    slept with Monica Lewinsky.

    Jeanine posts and critiques science papers on a chatgroup that I am a member
    of. I find the papers she posts to be of interest and relevant. And I find her
    interpretation of the information to almost always be spot on.

    On 8/11/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 8/11/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> JC,
    >> I guarantee you, she does have an ability to read medical papers and cut
    >> thru to the heart of them. As far as discussing anything else, I would be
    >> speaking out of turn - without full knowledge. I sent her an email. If
    >> she wants to respond to your questions, I am sure that she will.
    > Your aliance with Melinda Ballard and her Fith Avenue NY family, for Policy
    > Holders of America, and her dad as a leader in the Real estate market, and
    > your common leaking refrigarators to common Insurance Law suits. Joining
    > groups like ACHEMMIC and then saying you bailed out of ACHEMMIC. How should
    > the public at large take a gaurantee from you as the expertise of a person
    > you really don't know, nor know her circumstances. Her post of a post
    > Katrinia matches a person displaced from a Hurricane, but indicated in her
    > post she had lived in mold conditions for years. How could a person with
    > such debilit@ion be a expert in the field today? Who would be her doctor
    > that made her whole with minimum,or no fincial charges? Don't you think the
    > public needs to know of success, rather than pushing another position paper
    > requesting funding? Bailing out of ACHEMMIC does that conflict from the
    > slander law suit? It's not mold it is the stress of continuing a futile
    > cause.
    > jc

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