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    Posted by johncodie on 8/11/10

    On 8/11/10, Sharon wrote:
    > JC,
    > Where do you get these wild ascertions?
    > Now let me see if I have this straight: Your name is John Codie. I bet that
    > is connected to Wild Bill Cody's family and that you changed the spelling.
    > Bill is the first name of the ex-President, Clinton. Therefore, you must have
    > slept with Monica Lewinsky.
    > Jeanine posts and critiques science papers on a chatgroup that I am a member
    > of. I find the papers she posts to be of interest and relevant. And I find her
    > interpretation of the information to almost always be spot on.

    I got her post off Toxboard back in 11/05. I got Debs dis-association from the
    ACHEMMIC and your dis-association from the same place. Your education in
    jornalism, and your profession as sales in real estate place you in preception
    and curb side appeal. Our difference as me being in test is not trusting the
    printed word but validating those facts.

    So you and Jeanine both post and critiques science papers you authored, she
    authored, or your just trolling for papers to be interpreted and presented in
    your own terms as being fact. If you only do your investigative reporting in a
    chat group, how do you validate your source? On what chat group does this
    individual post scientific papers she wrote? Or are you all just a group of
    unknown critics trying to become note worthy? You should konw Jeanine's
    credintials, her schools, her degrees. I've posted mine, and the years of
    dealing with mold in the home, and the outcome. How do you trust what you
    don't know?


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