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    Posted by Sharon on 8/11/10

    No. I don't know anyone named Sandra Tyson. And I do not generate income from this
    issue - as you WELL KNOW - while promoting or not promoting ACHEMMIC's or anyone
    else's agenda. No. I am not concerned about being a "noteworthy cyber space figure
    of respect". If I was, I certainly wouldn't be participating in this nonsense on a
    public forum with you!

    This is what I want and what I have ALWAYS wanted: I was the deception of the US
    Chamber of Commerce et al, over this issue that it has been scientifically proven all
    claims of mold induced illness are only being made because of "trial lawyers, media
    and Junk Science" G-O-N-E from public health policy. That's it. That is all I want
    and I will not be stopping until I get it. Can't. Too many lives at stake.

    On 8/11/10, johncodie wrote:
    > Do you actually know real people like Sandra Tyson, visit her home? have her test
    > results? or do you just perpetrate ACHEMMIC agenda until it starts conflicting with
    > your profit margins, and then you break away looking for some other chat group to
    > become a another noteworthy cyber space figure of respect?

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