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    Posted by johncodie on 8/12/10

    Your still alive, and you bring in pestiside poisoning as well as mold. Lipsey was in your
    area as he was already working another case. His efforts did not help your case, nor was
    he able ot treat you. Seven people dead in Ms in the past two weeks due to heat related
    exposure. What is the body count for toxic mold, and what type was find in the tissue and
    dwelling? If federal funds are going to be used, where are the deceased? There are
    casulaties of wars, what is the body count for mold.


    On 8/12/10, Deborah wrote:
    > JC,
    > Mold does indeed kill people. I personally posted articles in which doctors admitted that
    > there was not enough money to do full autopsies and there was German scientific paper that
    > discussed similar findings based on random autopsies and comparisons to CODs listed on
    > death certificates.
    > Someone kept harping about the MMR weekly and I posted the above to show them why those
    > stats prove nothing...they aren't going to find something they aren't even looking for..
    > I nearly died in my place, I didn't know at that time that the mold was in my home and I
    > was sleeping directly under one of the vents. If I'd gone to the hospital, they would not
    > have had a clue what I had and would have bombarded me with steroids, antibiotics and the
    > kitchen sink quite possible making my situation worse and weakening my already damaged
    > immune system. We've had these discussions ad nauseum here and the science IS backing up
    > what was premised early on; each person's individual health determines the threshold limit
    > of exposure to mold that will make them ill.
    > Mention having been poisoned with banned pesticides to most docs and they can't get away
    > from you fast enough ( this is the petrochemical corridor and we've had that discussion
    > numerous times ).
    > And, for the record, I wish y'all would stop giving ACHEMMIC free PR. I feel used enough
    > after all this, especially after touting a couple of doctors and their papers that are
    > members of that group. Couple of them got big work in LA and surrounding areas after
    > Katrina and I KNOW I put their name in front of a huge number of people.
    > Like I said, my apathy now is because I never had one attorney or doctor, with the
    > exception of Lipsey, make any effort to assist me in any of this, but I know I did a lot
    > of free research and leg work for them. ENOUGH.

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