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    Re: ACHK cough

    Posted by Deborah on 8/12/10


    You know perfectly well that people die from fungal infections, for you to suggest otherwise is
    deliberately deceitful. The science has been surpressed for so long that when I asked 4 doctors
    back in 2001 if it were possible to have a fungal infection of the sinus, they all said, "NO"
    immediately and unequivocally; 2 were ENTs. Were they lying or incompetent and does it matter
    which if you are the person suffering?

    Shame on you.

    On 8/12/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 8/12/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> JC
    >> Like I said you assume facts not in evidence in your hypotheses which causes your conclusions
    >> to be incorrect based on the false assumptions.
    > The facts are the photographs of your home, RV, Pool, Aerial Satellite square footage of your
    > dwelling, and the price of a square foot of prime waterfront property. A half millon wouldn't
    > have been enough to make you whole. You know the term location, location, location; and where
    > you presently live just would not compare. Park the RV at the husbands business, and the boat
    > gets stored a someone's storage. For a Rancho Santa Fe property you downsized, nice but not
    > what you had come accoustomed. What ever else got used up on starting a mold is gold campaign
    > that has you embroiled in a continuing legal drain of funds.
    > Not intrested in your personal life because you are a public figure for mold, and you don't
    > qualify for a personal life status anymore. Your still the same stuborn adolecence that never
    > learned to fold a losing hand. Date Ole Miss? Thats a hoot, even though they have are
    > deversified and lost the rebel mascot, the intelligent quotient there, wouldn't support a
    > decent conversation. Get back on topic! Why would a person die from mold? How many funerals
    > have you attended from those lost to the green, black fungus? It's only happening in your
    > becauses someone put it in print, and you like to copy and paste the news of a popensity to
    > harm.
    > jc
    >> 1. My house was under 2000 sf. It was a beautiful little gem. But small. Got more than
    >> enough had I been inclined to remodel from top to bottom.
    >> Not even going to bother with the rest. Why are you always so interested in my personal
    >> life? Are you sure I didn't turn you down for a date or something at your favorite
    >> university in the whole world - Ole Miss?
    >> On 8/12/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>> On 8/12/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>> JC,
    >>>> 1. I received close to a half a million dollar settlement in my private litigation of 8
    >>>> years ago. More than enough to get my old house fixed if I was so inclined to do so.
    >>> A half a millon doesn't come close to replacing a house that size, not even close to the
    >>> amount orginaly awarded to your freind Ms Ballard. You left the house and moved into town
    >>> closer to your husbands business and have ravine and walking path in place of a lake view.
    >>> No pool where you had a pool, and no place to park that big RV,or dock the boat. I know
    >>> those prices you tried to get in Rancho Sante Fe, those were in the millons. You settled
    >>> for what you could get so have the attorneys paid.
    >>>> 2. People made contributions to my legal defense fund Because I was the first to
    >>>> publicly write of the deception of the US Chamber of Commerce's marketing campaign for
    >>>> the courts in the writing in question. It is kind of important to shut this down. Five
    >>>> years later, the case is still in the courts and will continue in the courts until this
    >>>> stopped as it is harming MANY.
    >>> People made request for your legal defense fund because your actions resulted in a
    >>> judgement your still trying to get out of, which benefited Thrasher, and Shoemaker; who
    >>> depended on you to get the winds blowing in their direction as being a solution to mold
    >>> related problems. It's not the Chambers paper or the opposing view paper that is harming
    >>> anybody. You got yourself into a political tail spin and can't get out with your dignity
    >>> intact. There are no mold people being found with toxins. None.
    >>>> 3. There is no monitary judgement being paid on my behalf. Quit making stuff up, John!
    >>> There is a judgement and it is costing you dearly. You might not have had to cut back on
    >>> the number of packs of cigarrettes you smoke but it is a drain. Can you go another 5
    >>> years?
    >>>> 4. I'm sorry. I don't know Sandra Tyson but do know thousands of others pleading for
    >>>> help. Shutting down the deceit of the Chamber will help stop this.
    >>> You should know Sandra Tyson, you should Frank, you should know Mary; they were the grass
    >>> roots supporting your cause. The Chamber is a personal issue of which you picked the
    >>> battle. It had no bearing on Sandra Tyson.
    >>>> 5. I left ACHEMMIC. I can't speak for what they do or do not do.
    >>> Why do good people put their name on a petetion, or join a political group when they don't
    >>> know what they do or not do. At your national level of recognition don't you think you
    >>> should be sure of an association before put your name with theirs.
    >>>> 6. You still sound bitter that all did not go well for you 10 years ago and if things did
    >>>> not go well for you, then they should not go well for anyone else. Wrong attitude for
    >>>> one to live their life by.
    >>> Things did go exceptionaly well for us, we avoided having our nest egg washed away with
    >>> Katrinia, We were able to place the children in private school, and an ivy league collage.
    >>> We are thus far avoiding the massive layoffs not seen for 36 years. I can play golf or
    >>> tennis with the children, where once I was looking for fuel to heat the home. Your
    >>> settlement was two years prior to our settlement; so no the M. Ballard mold is gold rush
    >>> wasn't used as it had no bearing. Two honest men set the sights for the litigation of
    >>> breach of contract, not mold. It was really never an issue. The Chamber of Commerce Paper
    >>> has no influence when the court takes all evidence at face value. Find the people that are
    >>> covered in mold and that is your beginning. The mold era is over, even if your case hasn't
    >>> been dismissed.
    >>> jc
    >>>> Sharon
    >>>> On 8/12/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>>>> On 8/11/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>>>> No. I don't know anyone named Sandra Tyson. And I do not generate income from this
    >>>>>> issue - as you WELL KNOW - while promoting or not promoting ACHEMMIC's or anyone
    >>>>>> else's agenda. No. I am not concerned about being a "noteworthy cyber space figure
    >>>>>> of respect". If I was, I certainly wouldn't be participating in this nonsense on a
    >>>>>> public forum with you!
    >>>>>> This is what I want and what I have ALWAYS wanted: I was the deception of the US
    >>>>>> Chamber of Commerce et al, over this issue that it has been scientifically proven
    >>>>> all
    >>>>>> claims of mold induced illness are only being made because of "trial lawyers, media
    >>>>>> and Junk Science" G-O-N-E from public health policy. That's it. That is all I want
    >>>>>> and I will not be stopping until I get it. Can't. Too many lives at stake.
    >>>>> Your legal defense does recieve money, as is any monitary judgements being paid on
    >>>>> your behalf. So if your on the street pandering for a dollar, or you permit some to
    >>>>> pander for that dollar on your behalf it is considered income. Your accountants can
    >>>>> argue the arms lenght it did not go into my bank account, even though the soliciations
    >>>>> use your name, and the purpose. You should know Sandra Tyson as she was one of the
    >>>>> individuals pleading for help from these chat room relief groups. Maybe she could
    >>>>> have benefited from one of those solicited dollars. She, and Frank, and Mary and
    >>>>> others were trying to find the first 10 years benefits of the mold is gold melodrama.
    >>>>> Prior to the Chamber of Commerce you wanted your house on the Lake fixed, placed in
    >>>>> the same shape as it was before. You wanted to have public record of your daugher's
    >>>>> health issues attributed from the generated mold. You wanted compensation for your
    >>>>> and their pain and suffering. The Chamber of Commerce was only a party to the mold is
    >>>>> gold melodrama when inspectors started cooking the mold. Ask any knowlegable
    >>>>> inspectors. The Chamber used influence to reduce their members liability, mold has
    >>>>> been added as an additional coverage, or removed from policies for years. ACHEMMIC
    >>>>> and other groups are just trying to get numbers of minimum exposure so it justifies
    >>>>> their business profit for having the government on their side. Even on hazadous waste
    >>>>> site's for know PEL's the government is broke. You won't stop junk sceince until your
    >>>>> groups start publishing it; you can't get the government onboard, and can't get your
    >>>>> people in government positions. With the census, and statistics were a nation of
    >>>>> numbers. There are no lives at stake! There are no numbers of deaths attributed to
    >>>>> mold! There was a person "Sandra Tyson" who thought she would be the "one" to bear
    >>>>> the proof; but you and your groups dismissed her. She and Frank, Mary have provided
    >>>>> enough information to be given the opportunity to be counted as one of those
    >>>>> statistics but they got ignored, or mistreated with the mold cure prescribed by some
    >>>>> of these experts that are spreading their brand of junk science.
    >>>>> jc

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