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    Re: ACHK cough

    Posted by Sharon on 8/13/10

    PS. Do you want to know what I am wearing as I write this? I think there may be some 800 numbers that
    you may want to peruse, John, that can satisfy your intense curiosity on matters.

    AND...I really don't give a damn what you throw at me. You are a mean spirited little man who LOST your
    mold case and want no other fellow man to do any better. Creepy, creepy.

    Bottom line:

    You can't take a rat study add some math and conclude no one is sick from mold - for the purpose of
    unduly influencing the courts and set public health policy on this fraud in science. KNow what else? You
    can use criminal perjury to make up a reason of why someone would want to purportedly accuse you of
    criminal perjury.

    And even though you are a loser, John, that doesn't mean others have to lose their lives, health and
    safety to follow in your L-o-s-e-r footsteps.

    So what else do you want to talk about?

    On 8/13/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Where do you get this stuff? And why do you care so much about my personal life?
    > 1. Never owned a boat.
    > 2. My new house is a tad bigger than my old
    > 3. It is THIS house, not my old one that has a lake view.
    > 4. Both homes are comperable in value. The other had a bigger lot.
    > Now are you happy?
    > On 8/13/10, johncodie wrote:
    >> On 8/12/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>> JC,
    >>> Wow! Where exactly is the great water front mansion I use to own? I seem to have misplaced it.
    >>> Can you send me pictures so I know what to look for?
    >>> I think you must have a dillusional fixation on what the lives of all people from Ole Miss are
    >> like.
    >>> Fiddle dee dee. I am going to have to think about this one another day.
    >> Fiddle dee dee, is this the annual parade where iced beer is pushed down the road in wheel
    >> barrows. When you moved from Lake Hodges a 40 year old home with 2,000 square feet sold from a half
    >> millon, so your saying you got a even half a millon to go buy a 2,000 spare foot house for 185
    >> dollars a square foot, or roughy $370,000? No pool, no view, no place to park the boat, and a longer
    >> drive to sell the more expensive homes in the Rancho Sante Fe, Lake Hodges? So you became a mold
    >> spokes person and invested the $130,000 in litigation, and trips to Senator Kennedy's hearings on
    >> the mold issue! You bought high and the half million dollar home adjacent to you is down about
    >> $170,000. We got a home for the same price but over twice the square footage, a pool, and in the
    >> Country Club. I know you don't get much in California, and you in sales know its all about
    >> location, location, location. No about this fungal death, and there appears to be one ,but not from
    >> home exposure. Would any one care to estimate the dose, and whey the person wasn't wearing a mask?
    >> And it could have been avoided if provided with the proper treatment in a timely manner. So where
    >> are the mold people who don't get the brown dust clouds, and aren't smart enough to take ant-botics?
    >> jc
    >> Garden Fungus Kills British Man
    >> 47-Year-Old Dies of Fungal Lung Infection After Spreading Mulch
    >> Font size Print E-mail Share
    >> (WebMD) A fungal lung infection, aspergillosis, killed a healthy
    >> 47-year-old British man who inhaled dust stirred up while mulching his
    >> garden.
    >> Aspergillus fungus is commonly found in rotting plant material, and that's
    >> where the man apparently inhaled the fungal spores.
    >> "His symptoms had started less than 24 hours after he had dispersed
    >> rotting tree and plant mulch in the garden, when clouds of dust had engulfed
    >> him," report Katherine Russell, MBBS, and colleagues at Wycombe Hospital in
    >> Buckinghamshire, England.
    >> Unfortunately, by the time the man's doctors realized he had a fungal
    >> infection and began appropriate treatment, it was too late to save him.
    >> It's hard to totally avoid aspergillus spores. That makes the fungus a
    >> serious threat to transplant patients, to people with immune deficiencies, to
    >> patients with lung disease, and to other critically ill patients.
    >> But it's unusual for the bug to colonize people with healthy immune systems
    >> and healthy lungs. The British victim smoked a half pack of cigarettes a day
    >> and worked as a welder, so it's possible he had undetected lung damage.
    >> However, a similar fatal case -- in a healthy British gardener -- was reported
    >> in 1989.
    >> Aspergillus can cause several different types of disease:
    >> An allergic reaction in the lungs -- allergic bronchopulmonary
    >> aspergillosis -- mostly seen in people with cystic fibrosis or asthma.
    >> Fungus balls -- aspergillomas -- usually in the lung.
    >> A long-lasting lung infection called chronic necrotizing aspergillosis,
    >> usually seen in patients with chronic lung disease or immune deficiency.
    >> Acute, fast-moving infection -- invasive pulmonary aspergillosis -- that
    >> usually affects the lungs but which can spread to any part of the body,
    >> including the brain.
    >> It was this last kind of infection that killed the British man.
    >> Aspergillus infections can be treated with antifungal drugs. But diagnosis
    >> is tricky, and treatment is most effective when started soon after
    >> infection.
    >> Symptoms of aspergillosis include fever, chest pain, cough, and shortness of
    >> breath. If you have these symptoms, especially in the days or weeks after
    >> serious dust exposure, you should see a doctor right away.
    >> Russell and colleagues report their findings in the June 14 issue of The

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