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    Re: John Codie Mississippi

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 8/18/10

    RemDud, You don't use your real name because you can NEVER back up what you say with any information. You make stuff
    up, and it frustrates you when I call you on it.

    Get a life you say, RemDud? How bout get MANY lives in the process? And thank you so much for illustrating just how
    nasty and petty this issue really is.

    Now back to business:

    Home / News / Local News / Poway
    POWAY: Council approves deal for Toyota dealership's relocation
    Local auto body shop owners, employees unhappy that city is "helping" dealership

    The City Council approved a development deal Tuesday that calls for the city to help Toyota of Poway relocate and
    expand its Poway Road dealership as part of a multistep plan to help revitalize the city's auto district.

    The 4-0 decision, made with Councilwoman Merrilee Boyack absent, came after the council heard from several Poway auto
    body shop owners and employees who said the deal would give Toyota an unfair competitive advantage over the smaller

    The proposed deal is part of a multistep plan designed to free up enough space for Lowe's home improvement chain to
    build a store on Poway Road.

    That company submitted its plan to the city last month.

    Some of the land Lowe's is eyeing houses the Toyota dealership now. Its deal with Poway's redevelopment agency calls
    for the dealership to move from its existing location on the north side of Poway Road to three properties across the
    street, where Toyota would build a 45,000-square-foot dealership.

    The redevelopment agency is buying one of the properties for $3 million, with escrow expected to close by the end of
    the month. The lot previously housed a now-vacant Chrysler dealership.

    Toyota is buying the other two properties and will lease the old Chrysler site from the city for a total of $3 million
    over a 15-year period. The Toyota dealer will be credited for the amount of net sales taxes that Poway collects as a
    result of the business' operations.

    The dealership must generate at least $3 million in sales tax revenue for the city over the term of the deal, but at
    the end of the 15 years will have the option of buying the property for $1.

    Most of those who spoke at Tuesday's meeting said they were worried about a clause in the deal that allows Toyota to
    seek the city's permission to add a collision repair shop to the new and larger dealership in the future.

    Patricia Turner, a bookkeeper at Auto Body Excellence on Poway Road, told the council the addition essentially would
    turn Toyota into a competitor for her employer and three similar businesses in the auto district.

    Coupled with a troubled economy that has made it difficult for small businesses to survive, the move could be a death
    knell for Poway's existing auto body shops, she and other speakers said.

    "If you take all that work away from the four that are here now and give it to one, that one ... stays afloat," Turner
    said. "But the rest of us, we fall apart. We're struggling as it is, now."

    However, Toyota owner Vince Castro said any auto body shop that the dealership builds would be small.

    City staff members also told the council that Toyota would have to apply for a separate permit for that part of the
    business, if the dealer chooses to pursue the addition.

    Competing businesses' concerns would be discussed in detail at that time, and the proposal would have to go through an
    environmental review at that time, the city staff members said.

    After the meeting, Councilman John Mullin said that, for him, those points mitigated a lot of the speakers' concerns.

    "But we will continue to watch and monitor (the dealership)," Mullin said.

    Call staff writer Andrea Moss at 760-739-6654.

    On 8/18/10, Rem Dude wrote:
    > Sharon:
    > Once again you clearly demonstrate why I maintain my anonymity. You will malign, denigrate and attack anyone who
    > disagrees with your notions and fruitless mission. You will cross any boundaries of decency in your quest - even
    > legal boundaries.
    > The only creepy one around here is YOU. Get a life you poor spiteful hag.
    > RD
    > On 8/18/10, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >> JC,
    >> You are getting creepier by the day. At least RemDud has an excuse. He is obiviously bonified defense whore who
    >> doesn't use his real name as he posts his garbage.
    >> But you, on the other hand,
    >> a.)are a person who went thru this nightmare,
    >> b.)claims you purportedly got over it,
    >> c.)but continues to post almost daily in obvious blind hatred for anyone who might come out better from this issue
    >> in the future that you did in the past by the advacement of the science & outting of the deceit by the
    >> Chamber et al.
    >> Does Mrs. John Codie know the kind of stuff you post on this board? Do your daughters know? Do you think that
    >> maybe they would like to?
    >> On 8/17/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>> From a public perspective; Ballard and Kramer are higly ambitious media types with litte to no science
    >>> backgrounds. They had become use to a certain standard of living prior to the housing bust. Both High
    >>> maintenance and in continous needs of funds; certain minor leaks in the home became a source of national
    >>> attention they both needed; and an agenda for suing their insurance companies to sustain the levels of income
    >>> they had been able to borrow on raising housing markets. With the housing bust they are continuing a futal
    >>> effort to make mold into gold. Why did you get out of the group issuing a new position paper Sharon? Your
    >>> group spent some time in reviewing each others work. The Ballard 4 millon was being further reduced to 2
    >>> millon. There is on issue! Any incumbant canidate is going to go after some position, "Toyota" gee wonder why
    >>> they have been in the news. Mold in a car dealership? Sheetrock, carpet, and motor oil! Sensationalizm is
    >>> what you have for each meal. It just isn't news. The canidates will be friendly to get your checks, and closer
    >>> to the elections distance themselves from you, luinatics!
    >>> On 8/16/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>> Please stop making things up on this board. Its shows your ignorance that illuminates that you have no truths
    >>>> to tell. Not to mention you can't stick to the issue. Gee, wonder why that is? Maybe cuz posted about a
    >>>> Candidate for state office of insurance commissioner in CA going to bat for the mold injured?
    >>>> A. Melinda Ballard did NOT RECEIVE the $32M that the jury awarded her.
    >>>> B. Our settlement was for bad faith claims handling practices where habitat of a person who has CF/ABPA was
    >>>> involved.
    >>>> That's it.
    >>>> I could say this in two words, but... Why don't you guys go see if you can find some magazines under your beds
    >>>> or something and fantasize about the lives of someone else.
    >>>> On 8/16/10, Rem Dude wrote:
    >>>>> The fact is, if the Ballard or Kraemer case were tried today, the plaintiffs would not receive a dime for
    >>>>> their nebulous medical claims. The sad fact is these frivolous suits prompted the insurance industry to
    >>>>> slash their coverage for mold related damage. This has made it impossible for those who have a mold problem
    >>>>> from being able to afford to have it properly removed.
    >>>>> While Ballard and others sit on their winnings, there are thousand of others who have and continue to suffer
    >>>>> as a result. I truly wonder how they can sleep at night...
    >>>>> RD
    >>>>> On 8/16/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>>>>> Go Google Melinda Ballard and find her sitting on her couch in the Charleston Old Home. I'm not sure if
    >>>>>> it's cira 1600; 1700; or 1800 but its more than a stones throw from Dripping Springs Texas. Moved into
    >>>>>> Dripping Springs TX with money and bought a $370,000 foreclosure home, started with two cows, and other
    >>>>>> animals; married a Ron Allison. Had a son and started a Mold Litigation suit that netted a 4 millon
    >>>>> dollar
    >>>>>> settlement. Claims Ron sufferred brain damage from the mold, and could not invest anymore of her money
    >>>>>> or anybody else's money. No sign of Ron or son being a part of Charleston society, or mutual contribution
    >>>>>> to the Deomocratic National Committee. Deb and Sharon resign from the mold support group that Melinda
    >>>>>> charged with putting out their own paper, peer reviewed, and put out on the media as "news". Sharon
    >>>>>> settled for $500,000 and is publishing what a Candidate for the state of California Insurance Department
    >>>>> is
    >>>>>> saying about a Car Dealership harming it's workers to toxic mold. These non-profits appear to be a good
    >>>>>> way to get democratic endorsements. You hailed the greatness of Ms Ballards father in the Real-Estate
    >>>>>> industry, and you followed suit in settlement two years latter. The truth of the matter Sharon is "We"
    >>>>>> (John, Melinda, and Sharon) settled our suit, but in the John case we dropped mold because it was really a
    >>>>>> breach of contract issue, and not a mold issue.
    >>>>>> So if you want to clarify creepy take a current photo of Ms Kramer, and Ms Ballard and see the effects of
    >>>>>> pushing a political agenda for ten years. The Policy Holders of America does have interesting data on the
    >>>>>> industry, the Sharon Kramer copy and paste of pre-authored issues does get old. I have to say my daughter
    >>>>>> in her first year of college gets a better response to her articles than your single faithful
    >>>>>> reader/comment.
    >>>>>> So what has happened to the husbands of these Ms Kramer and Ms Ballard, have they kept their sanity? Did
    >>>>>> they get a voice in what happened, or have they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement?
    >>>>>> Name calling doesn't bother me. Even though there are three unsettled cases there were accusations of
    >>>>> harm
    >>>>>> from mold alleged. I'm just trying to get the facts. I don't know why you get so emotional about what
    >>>>> the
    >>>>>> effects of mold are ten years later.
    >>>>>> I since your both public figures, and you both are both public mold representatives the general public
    >>>>> have
    >>>>>> a right to the truth. Two published papers contradicting each other, so what are the peer reviewed facts
    >>>>>> from both groups?
    >>>>>> jc
    >>>>>> On 8/13/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>>>>> PS. Do you want to know what I am wearing as I write this? I think there may be some 800 numbers that
    >>>>>>> you may want to peruse, John, that can satisfy your intense curiosity on matters.
    >>>>>>> AND...I really don't give a damn what you throw at me. You are a mean spirited little man who LOST your
    >>>>>>> mold case and want no other fellow man to do any better. Creepy, creepy.
    >>>>>>> Bottom line:
    >>>>>>> You can't take a rat study add some math and conclude no one is sick from mold - for the purpose of
    >>>>>>> unduly influencing the courts and set public health policy on this fraud in science. KNow what else? You
    >>>>>>> can use criminal perjury to make up a reason of why someone would want to purportedly accuse you of
    >>>>>>> criminal perjury.
    >>>>>>> And even though you are a loser, John, that doesn't mean others have to lose their lives, health and
    >>>>>>> safety to follow in your L-o-s-e-r footsteps.
    >>>>>>> So what else do you want to talk about?
    >>>>>>> On 8/13/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>>>>>> Where do you get this stuff? And why do you care so much about my personal life?
    >>>>>>>> 1. Never owned a boat.
    >>>>>>>> 2. My new house is a tad bigger than my old
    >>>>>>>> 3. It is THIS house, not my old one that has a lake view.
    >>>>>>>> 4. Both homes are comperable in value. The other had a bigger lot.
    >>>>>>>> Now are you happy?
    >>>>>>>> On 8/13/10, johncodie wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> On 8/12/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>>>>>>>> JC,
    >>>>>>>>>> Wow! Where exactly is the great water front mansion I use to own? I seem to have misplaced it.
    >>>>>>>>>> Can you send me pictures so I know what to look for?
    >>>>>>>>>> I think you must have a dillusional fixation on what the lives of all people from Ole Miss are
    >>>>>>>>> like.
    >>>>>>>>>> Fiddle dee dee. I am going to have to think about this one another day.
    >>>>>>>>> Fiddle dee dee, is this the annual parade where iced beer is pushed down the road in wheel
    >>>>>>>>> barrows. When you moved from Lake Hodges a 40 year old home with 2,000 square feet sold from a half
    >>>>>>>>> millon, so your saying you got a even half a millon to go buy a 2,000 spare foot house for 185
    >>>>>>>>> dollars a square foot, or roughy $370,000? No pool, no view, no place to park the boat, and a longer
    >>>>>>>>> drive to sell the more expensive homes in the Rancho Sante Fe, Lake Hodges? So you became a mold
    >>>>>>>>> spokes person and invested the $130,000 in litigation, and trips to Senator Kennedy's hearings on
    >>>>>>>>> the mold issue! You bought high and the half million dollar home adjacent to you is down about
    >>>>>>>>> $170,000. We got a home for the same price but over twice the square footage, a pool, and in the
    >>>>>>>>> Country Club. I know you don't get much in California, and you in sales know its all about
    >>>>>>>>> location, location, location. No about this fungal death, and there appears to be one ,but not from
    >>>>>>>>> home exposure. Would any one care to estimate the dose, and whey the person wasn't wearing a mask?
    >>>>>>>>> And it could have been avoided if provided with the proper treatment in a timely manner. So where
    >>>>>>>>> are the mold people who don't get the brown dust clouds, and aren't smart enough to take ant-botics?
    >>>>>>>>> jc
    >>>>>>>>> Garden Fungus Kills British Man
    >>>>>>>>> 47-Year-Old Dies of Fungal Lung Infection After Spreading Mulch
    >>>>>>>>> Font size Print E-mail Share
    >>>>>>>>> (WebMD) A fungal lung infection, aspergillosis, killed a healthy
    >>>>>>>>> 47-year-old British man who inhaled dust stirred up while mulching his
    >>>>>>>>> garden.
    >>>>>>>>> Aspergillus fungus is commonly found in rotting plant material, and that's
    >>>>>>>>> where the man apparently inhaled the fungal spores.
    >>>>>>>>> "His symptoms had started less than 24 hours after he had dispersed
    >>>>>>>>> rotting tree and plant mulch in the garden, when clouds of dust had engulfed
    >>>>>>>>> him," report Katherine Russell, MBBS, and colleagues at Wycombe Hospital in
    >>>>>>>>> Buckinghamshire, England.
    >>>>>>>>> Unfortunately, by the time the man's doctors realized he had a fungal
    >>>>>>>>> infection and began appropriate treatment, it was too late to save him.
    >>>>>>>>> It's hard to totally avoid aspergillus spores. That makes the fungus a
    >>>>>>>>> serious threat to transplant patients, to people with immune deficiencies, to
    >>>>>>>>> patients with lung disease, and to other critically ill patients.
    >>>>>>>>> But it's unusual for the bug to colonize people with healthy immune systems
    >>>>>>>>> and healthy lungs. The British victim smoked a half pack of cigarettes a day
    >>>>>>>>> and worked as a welder, so it's possible he had undetected lung damage.
    >>>>>>>>> However, a similar fatal case -- in a healthy British gardener -- was reported
    >>>>>>>>> in 1989.
    >>>>>>>>> Aspergillus can cause several different types of disease:
    >>>>>>>>> An allergic reaction in the lungs -- allergic bronchopulmonary
    >>>>>>>>> aspergillosis -- mostly seen in people with cystic fibrosis or asthma.
    >>>>>>>>> Fungus balls -- aspergillomas -- usually in the lung.
    >>>>>>>>> A long-lasting lung infection called chronic necrotizing aspergillosis,
    >>>>>>>>> usually seen in patients with chronic lung disease or immune deficiency.
    >>>>>>>>> Acute, fast-moving infection -- invasive pulmonary aspergillosis -- that
    >>>>>>>>> usually affects the lungs but which can spread to any part of the body,
    >>>>>>>>> including the brain.
    >>>>>>>>> It was this last kind of infection that killed the British man.
    >>>>>>>>> Aspergillus infections can be treated with antifungal drugs. But diagnosis
    >>>>>>>>> is tricky, and treatment is most effective when started soon after
    >>>>>>>>> infection.
    >>>>>>>>> Symptoms of aspergillosis include fever, chest pain, cough, and shortness of
    >>>>>>>>> breath. If you have these symptoms, especially in the days or weeks after
    >>>>>>>>> serious dust exposure, you should see a doctor right away.
    >>>>>>>>> Russell and colleagues report their findings in the June 14 issue of The

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