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    Re: JC

    Posted by johncodie on 8/18/10

    On 8/18/10, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    > JC,
    > You are getting creepier by the day. At least RemDud has an excuse. He is obiviously bonified defense whore who
    > doesn't use his real name as he posts his garbage.
    > But you, on the other hand,
    > a.)are a person who went thru this nightmare,
    > b.)claims you purportedly got over it,
    > c.)but continues to post almost daily in obvious blind hatred for anyone who might come out better from this issue
    > in the future that you did in the past by the advacement of the science & outting of the deceit by the
    > Chamber et al.

    People in the industry typicaly use some metrics in supporting their claims. So for the past two days your silence
    was golden as avoiding the pointed question as why you and M. Ballard are not in agreement on the POA position paper
    for toxic mold. You two have alot in common, and somewhere the facts of toxic mold is between disagreement. Root
    cause analysis is not personal it does not cast blame. It mearly makes a correction to a perviously incorrect
    therory, or corrects a typed typpo. But the deafing silence is a jury trials footnote as why the general public
    should not be placing great stock into anything you write, or the POA position paper. The facts of my case was not
    silenced by the insurance company, only the settlement amount. I would think that to be the case of Mr Ron Allison
    as his purported mold induced brain damage and the son Resse Allision that would be between the age of 9 to 15.

    I don't blindly post in hatred toward anyone, and the truly one biggest loss was the precious time removed from a
    quality family environment; that no adjuster, or jury could place a price for compensation. It appears that you are
    the one who espires to hatred of the Chamber, and others who represented their position. You are currently fighting
    in a legal battle for this offense.

    The University the daughter is attending has thier engineering professors cloning human ligament tissues for
    regrowth and transplant of individual that lost mobility in war and accidents. Science in the past ten years has
    surly progressed. Both peer reviewed documents were not issued to this level of scientific peer review. Why hasn't
    toxic mold been pushed into a better understanding? It isn't significant if the doctor can save the life from
    prescribing a anti-botic. Improving quality of life for mold suffers. Move to Las Vegas for a dryer air
    environment. Quit misrepresenting the facts, there isn't a jury verdict for those hopefuls! I've seen the
    $500,000 judgement from the case that was not defended and a default judgment was rendered. Not all the facts have
    come forward or the reduction in the judgement. You continusly blindly post. If you wanted to be beneficial markup
    the POA position paper as what is wrong with it, put in the information that is in error and post the document!

    But you can't because it might offend Ms Ballard or any of her charges. If you can't grap a smoke, take a drink
    and go back to bed. FYI the family prefers facebook, and WDW, and don't like controversy. As an engineer I hate
    to continue see broken things remain broken and positions misrepresented.

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