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    Re: ACHEMMIC False Claims of Endorsement

    Posted by johncodie on 8/10/10

    On 8/10/10, johncodie wrote:
    > On 8/10/10, johncodie wrote:

    The majority of the homes flooded from Katrinia were torn down
    from New Orleans to Pascagoula. Mold was not an issue this time
    since the New York Guidelines on mold were handed out. We paid
    to have our home removed from 1998 damages. Mold exposure
    illness turned out to be a gravy train.

    Jeanine Moseley said it best in 2005, "I wont call
    myself a expert, I have much to learn, but I believe that
    people who live threw this (like any new found illness)
    should have experts at theri door, wanting to dignose them
    and they should be able to get help for free, instead, it
    appears that any treatment, dignoses, or any experts in this
    area, want to charge a arm and a leg."

    Where is the pro-bono from this group? How is Jeanine Moseley
    doing from support of the group she has endorsed on her behalf?


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