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    Re: ACHEMMIC False Claims of Endorsement

    Posted by Sharon on 8/11/10


    Why would you doubt this had sign off from these people and
    groups? Or that mold can cause death? You need to look at
    what the National Apartment Association (NAA), which is a
    massive political action committee made up of property mgrs
    from around the country tells their members. They blog that
    they are aware mold can cause severe health problems and even

    NAA Bl og "Mold, Your Silent Enemy" og/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=178

    As ACHEMMIC accurately pointed out to the Regents of the UC,
    the UC name was misused by the NAA to lend false credibility
    to the "environmental science" of the US Chamber. While
    blogging to their members that mold can cause death, the NAA
    submitted legal documents in Arizona via an amicus stating
    that years of intense study failed to find any causal
    connection between mold and illness...according to the US

    ACHEMMIC Letter to UC Re: NAA Amicus

    On 8/10/10, johncodie wrote:
    > I hardly doubt that this group obtained sign-off of this
    > letter to President Obama and other members of the
    > government. The 3 hours of meeting being curtailed is an
    > indication that our federal time, and resources are being
    > wasted. If there is a legitamate problem associated with
    > toxic mold the health department would be investiagting
    > the conditions for coronor reports of deaths due to mold
    > ridden residences. What is the body count? Why should
    > there be the first federal tax dollar spent on a non-
    > terminal health issue?
    > Action Committee on the Health Effects of Mold, Microbes
    > and Indoor Contaminants (ACHEMMIC)
    > Jennifer Armstrong, M.D. Marcie McGovern
    > Jodi Ashcraft Lisa Nagy, M.D.
    > Jennifer Aspelund Dina Padilla
    > Melinda Ballard Diane Perlman, Ph.D.
    > Kevin Carstens Gail Shepherd
    > Angel DeFazio Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D.
    > Linda Delp Raymond Singer, Ph.D.
    > Michael Gray, M.D. Terry Sopher
    > Carl Grimes, HHS CIEC Crystal M. Stuckey
    > HW Holder Nancy Swan
    > Janette Hope, M.D. Paul Taylor, III
    > Professor Matthew Hudson Steve Temes
    > Mary Mulvey Jacobson Jack Thrasher, Ph.D.
    > Erik Johnson Kristina Townsend
    > Sharon Kramer Sandra Trend
    > Ginny Tomasini Lane Alan R. Vinitsky, M.D.
    > Laura Mark, M.D. Michael Roland Williams
    > John McBride Cheryl Wisecup
    > The following individuals and organization have endorsed
    > this letter, and the list of endorsers is continuing to
    > grow.
    > Lawrence Rose, M.D., M.P.H.
    > Dr. Alfred Johnson
    > William Rea, M.D.
    > Stacey Hydrick, RN, BSN
    > Barbara J. Carter
    > Judy Derrickson
    > Joe Salowitz
    > Amy Botello
    > Scott Hartman
    > Luz Fuenzalida
    > Yahoo Sickbuildings Group
    > Alison Trowe
    > Jeff May
    > Jonathan Lee Wright
    > Fungal Disease Resource Center

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