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    Re: More on COI & Journal Publishing Retractions

    Posted by Sharon on 8/13/10

    I would like to know who this little group of "peer reviewers"
    are who keep helping to get bogus papers published in medical

    Is there some secret club of these guys? Annonymous peer review
    process seems to be able to cause some real problems.

    I think that when they catch these guys in deceptive medical
    journal publishings - their peers who purportedly did extensive
    review need to be outted, too, for their roles in the matter.

    I would be willing to bet that when one looks closely, there
    are a lot of peers who just happen to be reviewing each others'
    papers in different publishings.

    On 8/13/10, Deborah wrote:
    > I guess the moral of this story is that they will do whatever
    > they can get away with and apparently it is a staggering
    > On 8/12/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> /08/10/author_on_leave_after_harvard_inquiry/
    >> Author on leave after Harvard inquiry
    >> Investigation of scientist’s work finds evidence of
    >> misconduct, prompts retraction by journal
    >> Scientist Marc Hauser’s studies include work on the
    >> cognitive and evolutionary underpinnings of language.
    >> By Carolyn Y. Johnson
    >> Globe Staff / August 10, 2010
    >> Harvard University psychologist Marc Hauser — a well-known
    >> scientist and author of the book “Moral Minds’’ — is taking
    >> a year-long leave after a lengthy internal investigation
    >> found evidence of scientific misconduct in his
    >> laboratory....

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