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    Re: More on COI & Journal Publishing Retractions

    Posted by Deborah on 8/13/10

    I think it is a branch of the Mutual Admiration Society where
    they break their own arms slapping themselves on the back.

    On 8/13/10, Sharon wrote:
    > I would like to know who this little group of "peer reviewers"
    > are who keep helping to get bogus papers published in medical
    > journals.
    > Is there some secret club of these guys? Annonymous peer
    > process seems to be able to cause some real problems.
    > I think that when they catch these guys in deceptive medical
    > journal publishings - their peers who purportedly did
    > review need to be outted, too, for their roles in the matter.
    > I would be willing to bet that when one looks closely, there
    > are a lot of peers who just happen to be reviewing each
    > papers in different publishings.
    > On 8/13/10, Deborah wrote:
    >> I guess the moral of this story is that they will do whatever
    >> they can get away with and apparently it is a staggering
    > amount.
    >> On 8/12/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>> /08/10/author_on_leave_after_harvard_inquiry/
    >>> Author on leave after Harvard inquiry
    >>> Investigation of scientist’s work finds evidence of
    >>> misconduct, prompts retraction by journal
    >>> Scientist Marc Hauser’s studies include work on the
    >>> cognitive and evolutionary underpinnings of language.
    >>> By Carolyn Y. Johnson
    >>> Globe Staff / August 10, 2010
    >>> Harvard University psychologist Marc Hauser — a well-known
    >>> scientist and author of the book “Moral Minds’’ — is taking
    >>> a year-long leave after a lengthy internal investigation
    >>> found evidence of scientific misconduct in his
    >>> laboratory....

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