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    Post: CA Ins Comm Candidate Calls 4 Investigation MOLD

    Posted by Sharon on 8/16/10

    CA Insurance Commissioner Candidate Padilla Calls For
    Investigation Leading To Potential Prosecution Of Workers
    Comp Fraud By Toyota of Poway Dealers

    Padilla stated “The issue of illness from mold is a growing
    problem for working people and the public in California.
    The cover-up by employers, the insurance industry and
    unscrupulous property owners, property managers and
    builders to deny liability for mold illness must end.”
    Candidate Padilla also said “We cannot allow companies and
    their workers’ compensation insurers to shift their
    financial responsibility for the illnesses caused by their
    actions onto the taxpayers of California”.

    Indybay 8/16/2010 Sacramento – Dina Padilla, candidate
    for California Insurance Commissioner, is calling for the
    investigation leading to potential prosecution of Toyota of
    Poway dealership owners Vincent Castro and Troy Duhon along
    with general manager Rick Gallegher for workers’
    compensation insurance fraud.

    Current evidence strongly indicates the Poway car dealers
    knowingly exposed many of their employees at the dealership
    to a contaminated environment. The workers say they have
    been sickened from the health hazard of mold at the place
    of business. At least one employee, who complained about
    the health and safety problems in the Poway building, has
    been attempted to be intimidated into silence by the
    organization’s workers compensation attorney. “This is an
    outrage and it is illegal.” Padilla said.

    The OSHA Complaint that has been filed against the Toyota
    of Poway Dealership and may be read at the Mold Truth blog
    specifically about this dealership’s handling of the

    Padilla warned that tens of billions of dollars in
    healthcare costs are now being shifted to public agencies
    and state and federal disability programs as a result of
    this type of scamming the system. This has been enabled by
    the Schwarzenegger deregulation of workers’ compensation
    insurance in 2004, Senate Bill 899. Under the platform
    of “Workers Comp Reform”, this bill was supported by nearly
    all the Democrats and Republicans in the legislature. Fifty
    billion dollars have been given to private sector business
    in the name of workers’ comp “reform”. California and its
    taxpayers are now twenty billion dollars in debt.

    “When private insurers and employers game the workers comp
    system, it is the public who eventually gets stuck with the
    bill. This is because disabled workers and their families
    end up getting their healthcare and income from SSI and
    other public agencies. Their income is reduced or they lose
    it entirely so they cannot contribute by way of taxes. We
    can no longer allow these employers and insurance companies
    to rip-off the people of California,” Padilla stated.

    “The issue of illness from mold is a growing problem for
    working people and the public in California and nationwide.
    The cover-up by employers, the insurance industry and
    unscrupulous property owners, property managers and
    builders to deny liability for mold illness must end.”

    Padilla is calling for San Diego District Attorney, Bonnie
    Dumanis, and California Insurance Commissioner, Steve
    Poizner, to immediately launch an investigation of the
    Toyota of Poway owners. She also is calling on Democratic
    Party Insurance Commissioner candidate, Dave Jones, and
    other Insurance Commissioner candidates to support an
    investigation of the dealership owners and management. She
    calls for investigation of rampant employer/insurer fraud
    enabled by SB899. “If I become the Commissioner of
    Insurance, companies and their workers’ compensation
    insurers will no longer be able to shift their financial
    responsibilities for the illnesses and injuries caused by
    their actions onto the taxpayers of California,” said
    candidate Padilla.

    Padilla is also calling for the removal of the American
    College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM)
    regulations concerning mold from California health
    policies. “ACOEM is a trade group of workers comp
    physicians with a long history of representing the
    interests of insurance companies, drug corporations and
    employers in California and in other states. Well connected
    and well funded, they have been able to insert regulations
    into California law that is adverse to public health and
    safety. These regulations have no scientific basis and
    protect only the profits of the insurers. They provide no
    protection, treatment or restitution for injuries and
    illnesses due to mold.

    The conflict of interest and systemic corruption in
    California and the resultant destructive legislation has
    harmed the people of California and must be overturned. I
    will work for the removal of ACOEM rules in workers
    compensation laws and will fight to protect all
    Californians who are sickened by mold on the job and in
    their homes.” ACOEM writes the workers’ compensation
    guidelines for the state under SB899.

    Padilla is also calling for an investigation of the false
    claims made by ACOEM of their purportedly scientific proof
    of lack of causation of illnesses when mold is found in
    homes, schools and working environments; and of their close
    affiliation to the US Chamber of Commerce’s identical
    stance on the matter that was written by the same authors.

    This call to action by Padilla has been made to the
    California Department of Justice, headed by Jerry Brown.
    Brown is the 2010 Democrat candidate for California
    governor. If elected and in that capacity, he will also be
    President of the Regents of the University of California
    (UC). According to Padilla, “the ACOEM’s and the US
    Chamber’s white papers, that employers and workers comp
    insurers use nationwide as a purported scientific reason to
    deny liability for illnesses caused by mold, carry the UC
    name in validation of the purported, state of the art,
    environmental science of the US Chamber of Commerce”

    “When misrepresentation is used to give insurers unfair
    advantage by misleading California and US courts, that is
    blatant insurance fraud, interstate,” Padilla said. “ACOEM
    has well paid company doctors who provide incorrect reports
    that justify denying healthcare and benefits for injured
    workers and the public. This organization needs to be
    investigated for corruption and lying to the American
    people about environmental health threats to protect the
    profits of it’s funders. They are aiding corrupt insurance
    companies to limit liability and assisting the numerous
    affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce to game the public
    in order to help the Chamber’s members,” said Padilla.

    Support Dina Padilla For California Insurance
    “The Insurance Industry’s Worst Nightmare”
    (916) 725-2673

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