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    Post: VIDEO~Toyota Workers File Complaint w/San Diego DA

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 8/30/10

    Toyota Poway Workers Injured By Mold File Workers Comp
    Fraud Charges At San Diego DA

    "On August 25, 2010 injured workers from Toyota of Poway
    went to the San Diego District Attorney's office to file
    charges of workers comp criminal fraud by the dealership
    owner, manager and CorVel. Five workers have been sickened
    by the mold but the owners have denied workers comp claims,
    forced the workers to apply for California State Disability
    and in the case of Tim Hack was coerced to file for family
    medical leave under Federal Law although this would have
    been illegal since he was sickened due to workplace
    incidents. This documentary also shows the efforts of the
    dealership to get $3 million from the City of Poway
    Redevelopment Agency to build a new building. In order to
    shut the workers up, one of the owners Vincent Castro filed
    a restraining order against Tim Hack for threatening him
    and ordered that he not speak at any more public meeting.
    Also filing a complaint was Sharon Kramer who has been
    fighting ACOEM which represents company doctors who say
    that workers do not get sick from mold and she filed
    charges that Bruce Kalman" committed criminal perjury while
    strategically litigating in the San Diego courts for five
    years, with his attorney, Keith Scheuer, willfully
    suborning. She asked the DA to investigate how it is
    possible ten San Diego judges and justice could not
    understand that one cannot use perjury to establish a
    reason they were purportedly accused of perjury, even when
    provided irrefutable evidence this is the fact of the
    strategic litigation. "US Chamber of Commerce for
    manipulating the rules to avoid liability of employers and
    insurance companies. For more information go to
    A production of Labor Video Project

    Workers Injured By Mold File Workers Comp Fraud Charges At San Diego DA

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