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    Re: VIDEO~Toyota Workers File Complaint w/San Diego DA

    Posted by Deborah on 8/31/10

    Great job, Sharon. Thank you so much.

    On 8/31/10, Deborah wrote:
    > Just amazing the depths to which liars will stoop, absolutely
    > breath-taking. I have seen it and experienced it. Am so glad
    > that there are some still willing to stand up.
    > On 8/31/10, Deborah wrote:
    >> Am watching the video. All interviewed are very articulate.
    >> Good work! Thanks. The truth always comes out, but
    >> vindication doesn't always translate into justice as in
    >> punishment for wrong doers and compensation for victims' losses.
    >> TRO, ahahhahahhahaha Unconstitutional to say the least. Can't
    >> believe it was issued.
    >> On 8/30/10, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    >>> Toyota Poway Workers Injured By Mold File Workers Comp
    >>> Fraud Charges At San Diego DA
    >>> "On August 25, 2010 injured workers from Toyota of Poway
    >>> went to the San Diego District Attorney's office to file
    >>> charges of workers comp criminal fraud by the dealership
    >>> owner, manager and CorVel. Five workers have been sickened
    >>> by the mold but the owners have denied workers comp claims,
    >>> forced the workers to apply for California State Disability
    >>> and in the case of Tim Hack was coerced to file for family
    >>> medical leave under Federal Law although this would have
    >>> been illegal since he was sickened due to workplace
    >>> incidents. This documentary also shows the efforts of the
    >>> dealership to get $3 million from the City of Poway
    >>> Redevelopment Agency to build a new building. In order to
    >>> shut the workers up, one of the owners Vincent Castro filed
    >>> a restraining order against Tim Hack for threatening him
    >>> and ordered that he not speak at any more public meeting.
    >>> Also filing a complaint was Sharon Kramer who has been
    >>> fighting ACOEM which represents company doctors who say
    >>> that workers do not get sick from mold and she filed
    >>> charges that Bruce Kalman" committed criminal perjury while
    >>> strategically litigating in the San Diego courts for five
    >>> years, with his attorney, Keith Scheuer, willfully
    >>> suborning. She asked the DA to investigate how it is
    >>> possible ten San Diego judges and justice could not
    >>> understand that one cannot use perjury to establish a
    >>> reason they were purportedly accused of perjury, even when
    >>> provided irrefutable evidence this is the fact of the
    >>> strategic litigation. "US Chamber of Commerce for
    >>> manipulating the rules to avoid liability of employers and
    >>> insurance companies. For more information go to
    >>> A production of Labor Video Project

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