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    Re: VIDEO~MOLD Toyota Workers File Complaint w/San Diego DA

    Posted by Mike B. on 9/01/10

    Boy, you tried your best to build yourself up as an "expert" in that
    very brief and rambling announcement you made. IMHO, it was the same
    old rehearsed, meritless BS you have been spewing for years.

    Why are you trying to ride the coat tails of these individuals? Used
    car salesmen don't make the most sympathetic claimants.

    It is my personal opinion that this will go nowhere, and you will be
    sued back to stone ages by Kelman and ACOM.

    On 8/31/10, Sharon Kramer wrote:
    > You are welcome Deborah. Thanks for sharing with many. Again the
    > link to the VIDEO ofToyota of Poway mold injured workers filing
    > criminal complaints with the San Diego District Attorney for workers
    > comp insurer fraud shifting the cost onto taxpayers; and my
    > for criminal perjury on the issue of malice and suborning of it
    > strategically litigating for five years in the San Diego courts, by
    > Bruce Kelman and his attorney Keith Scheuer, is:

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