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    Re: VIDEO~MOLD Toyota Workers File Complaint w/San Diego DA

    Posted by Sharon on 9/08/10

    "I think you have just practiced law without a license." Of course I have as is my
    right guranteed to me under the Constitution. Its called Properia Persona.

    I think you have just illustrated why you do not disclose your true identity as you post
    your words of whiz-dumb on this board.


    On 9/07/10, Mike B. wrote:
    > I think you have just practiced law without a license.
    > I also posted more on the subject, but my comment was "logged and sent to the
    > adminstrator for review" for some unexplained reason.
    > On 9/07/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> Libel law is really quite simple. Truth is your best defense...and one cannot use
    >> criminal perjury to establish a fictional reason for personal malice to be used
    >> to "legally" prove they were falsely accused of criminal perjury, with malice.
    >> On 9/07/10, Mike B. wrote:
    >>> You're the only one who doesn't understand that your litigation with Kelman is
    >>> over. When you have to argue your own appeal (pro se) because you have no
    >>> attorneys, then your case is over. You're just waiting on the "obituary" from the
    >>> appellate court.
    >>> On the other points in your comment below, you're totally wrong.
    >>> On 9/03/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>> Mike B,
    >>>> I would believe that you have been a litigant for over 20 years. Makes sense.
    >>>> But there is no way you have been in the legal profession for 20 years and don't
    >>>> know what strategic litigation means. You keep wrongfully assuming my
    >>> litigation
    >>>> with Kelman is over. Why is that? Its still in the courts.
    >>>> On 9/03/10, Mike B. wrote:
    >>>>> I've been in the legal profession for over 20 years and have never heard of
    >>>>> this phenomenon. Tell me, how is it the "strategic litigator" is guaranteed
    >>>>> success in the court? How did Kelman "strategically litigate" his victory over
    >>>>> you? Were the judges in on the deal with Kelman?
    >>>>> You're absurd.
    >>>>> On 9/01/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>>>> Mie B,
    >>>>>> Strategic litigation is the process of abusing the judicial process for the
    >>>>>> purpose of gaining unfair atvantage in a related matter of grater
    >>>>>> significance to the strategic litigator. It can come in many forms that
    >>>>>> typically encompass some sort of charater assasination of one who stands in
    >>>>>> the way of achieving the matter deemed to be of greater signifance to the
    >>>>>> strategic litigator.
    >>>>>> Nope. No rebutal from Kelman et al.
    >>>>>> Sharon

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