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    Re: VIDEO~MOLD Toyota Workers File Complaint w/San Diego DA

    Posted by Deborah on 9/08/10

    How ominous...cue the thunder and lightening.

    Your pomposity is exceeded only by your ignorance. There was no dispensation of legal advice
    and she is perfectly free to express her interpretation of the law on any medium she chooses.

    Thank you for proving, once and for all, that you really know little to nothing about the law
    much less our Constitution. I had my doubts, but you dispelled them all and it is you,
    anonymous poser, I mean poster, who has exposed yourself for the charlatan you are.

    Rather than calling on the board moderator to "report" Sharon, why don't you do it yourself?
    Can you find the number of the state attorney disciplinary board, the ABA and the state bar?

    On 9/08/10, Mike B. wrote:
    > I'm not a lawyer, but I believe I am correct when I say that you only have a right to
    > appear in proper person before a court and in a case in which you are a party or
    > intervenor. But, publicly dispensing legal advice and interpretations of the law on a
    > medium like this is entirely inappropriate and illegal.
    > If the moderator of this board is a member of the ABA and a state bar association, s/he
    > has a duty to report you and your admission of practicing law without a license.
    > You may have just done yourself in, Sharon Kramer.
    > On 9/08/10, Sharon wrote:
    >> "I think you have just practiced law without a license." Of course I have as is my
    >> right guranteed to me under the Constitution. Its called Properia Persona.
    >> I think you have just illustrated why you do not disclose your true identity as you post
    >> your words of whiz-dumb on this board.
    >> Sharon
    >> On 9/07/10, Mike B. wrote:
    >>> I think you have just practiced law without a license.
    >>> I also posted more on the subject, but my comment was "logged and sent to the
    >>> adminstrator for review" for some unexplained reason.
    >>> On 9/07/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>> Libel law is really quite simple. Truth is your best defense...and one cannot use
    >>>> criminal perjury to establish a fictional reason for personal malice to be used
    >>>> to "legally" prove they were falsely accused of criminal perjury, with malice.

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