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    Re: Carson-Gore Academy Contaminated

    Posted by Rem Dude on 9/09/10

    "Since DDT was banned, insect-borne diseases such as malaria and
    dengue have been on the rise. In fact, the huge toll of diseases
    spread by mosquitoes has led some public-health officials to
    rethink DDT’s use. In 2006, after roughly 50 million preventable
    deaths, the WHO reversed course and endorsed the use of DDT to
    kill and repel Anopheles mosquitoes."


    On 9/08/10, Sharon wrote:
    > The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) determined
    > that DDT may reasonable be anticipated to be a human carcinogen.
    > The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
    > that DDT may possibly cause cancer in humans. The EPA determined
    > that DDT, DDE, and DDD are probable human carcinogens.
    > top
    > How can DDT, DDE, and DDD affect children?
    > There are no studies on the health effects of children exposed
    > DDT, DDE, or DDD. We can assume that children exposed to large
    > amounts of DDT will have health effects similar to the effects
    > seen in adults. However, we do not know whether children differ
    > from adults in their susceptibility to these substances.
    > Studies in rats have shown that DDT and DDE can mimic the action
    > of natural hormones and in this way affect the development of
    > reproductive and nervous systems. Puberty was delayed in male
    > rats given high amounts of DDE as juveniles. This could possibly
    > happen in humans. A study in mice showed that exposure to DDT
    > during the first weeks of life may cause neurobehavioral
    > later in life.
    > On 9/08/10, Rem Dude wrote:
    >> Ms. Carson is responsible for the deaths of millions and Gore
    >> has become the poster child for junk science. Makes sense that
    >> a school named after these two is toxic. They may as well have
    >> called the school the Hitler-Stalin School for Human Rights.
    >> More CA taxpayer funds squandered.
    >> Sad
    >> On 9/08/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>> Isn't it ironic...
    >>> pretty funny.
    >>> On 9/06/10, Rem Dude wrote:
    >>>> "A new school will be opening in Los Angeles next Monday
    >>>> that is named after Nobel Laureate Al Gore and Rachel
    >>>> Carson, the woman almost single-handedly responsible for
    >>>> DDT being banned in the '70s.
    >>>> Even more delicious than the names associated with the new
    >>>> $75.5-million Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental
    >>>> Sciences is that it was built on land thought to be highly-
    >>>> contaminated with various chemicals which could pose a
    >>>> threat to students."
    >>>> WOW...

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