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    Re: Manipulating science

    Posted by Deborah on 9/23/10

    Oddly enough, I have had a spate of "odd" occurrences. I
    wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the overall picture.

    Right makes right in this world.

    On 9/23/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Deborah,
    > It is a science and it has always been a science. I have
    > degree in this science. Its called marketing. The specific
    > type of marketing that you cite is called health marketing.
    > Your article, like the mold issue, has suffered from much
    > fraud in health marketing.
    > That's why it was so easy for me to understand what they have
    > been doing. I know a marketing campaign, founded on spin
    > rather than fact, when I see one.
    > Health Marketing is a multidisciplinary area of public health
    > practice. This innovative approach draws from traditional
    > marketing theories and principles and adds science-based
    > strategies to prevention, health promotion and health
    > protection. Drawing from fields such as marketing,
    > communication, and public health promotion, health marketing
    > provides a framework of theories, strategies and techniques
    > that can be used to guide work in public health research,
    > interventions, and communication campaigns.
    > Definition:
    > Health Marketing involves creating, communicating, and
    > delivering health information and interventions using
    > customer-centered and science-based strategies to protect and
    > promote the health of diverse populations (CDC, 2005).
    > Health Marketing is:
    > A multidisciplinary practice that promotes the use of
    > marketing research to educate, motivate and inform the public
    > on health messages
    > An integration of the traditional marketing field with public
    > health research, theory and practice
    > A complex framework that provides guidance for designing
    > health interventions, campaigns, communications, and research
    > projects
    > A broad range of strategies and techniques that can be used
    > to create synergy among public health research, communication
    > messages and health behaviors.
    > On 9/22/10, Deborah wrote:
    >> It has become its own science, the manipulation of results
    >> and data to support a flawed conjecture.
    > science&37;E2&37;80&37;94outrageous-conclusion/

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