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    Re: Libel

    Posted by Deborah on 10/01/10

    Listen, tool, if you are the Mike B who was my former landlord
    who gassed my child and me, then you obviously gone back to
    school. As for being well known around "these parts", not by
    any you've mentioned and not by you or your wife, but your
    direct negligence is well-documented as is your tampering with a
    public utility, false cause of action and lying on the witness
    stand. Plenty of other stuff, too.

    You allude to things about me w/o providing any specifics or
    proof that could be countered or rebutted. No one on this board
    would be fooled by it, you are only fooling yourself. As for
    your calling me a homewrecker, that is laughable and easily
    disproved so you are either a fool or being misled by whomever
    is giving you information. I suggest you check your sources.

    I'd put my reputation up against yours any day and any time.
    What did you say your real name was? I have a hard time
    believing you are the real Mike B(ecnel) as even he couldn't be
    this stupid. There is no way he, or anyone associated with what
    happened, would want this brought up, but I could go and run it
    by the judge who presided over the matter, that might prove
    interesting and I might just have to do it.

    I don't know you or your wife, but please post more, this is
    amusing. What is it that I haven't shared? Are you so sure
    that others on this board don't know all the details of my
    "life"; how would you know if I hadn't shared it with them
    privately or if they had the means to verify it for themselves?

    Yes, you are a tool, a dull one, but a tool none the less.

    On 10/01/10, Mike B. wrote:
    > Listen closely Deborah - until you called me

    a "tool", I was
    > happy to ignore your tasteless and malicious attacks on me
    > throughout my discussions with Sharon Kramer.
    > Your history and lifestyle around these parts is well known.
    > Being called a "homewrecker" is the least of your problems.
    > Whatever psudo-lawyer you've been able to consult will soon
    > learn you're the offensive lump in the punch bowl.
    > BTW - my wife couldn't care less about you. She, too, knows
    > your true background and what you haven't "shared" with the
    > people on this and other sites.
    > On 9/30/10, Deborah wrote:
    >> Well, Mike B., guess that is libel. Isn't it? Or at least
    >> an attempt at it. Like I said, I am still waiting for you
    >> to give details on this.
    >> You are a piece of work, aren't you?
    >> This is a board to discuss mold litigation and tangential,
    >> relevant issues. How is your attempt at libeling me
    >> relevant here? More importantly, how is ANYTHING you post
    >> here relevant?

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