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    Re: Libel

    Posted by Deborah on 10/01/10


    Did I mention that I'd finally had a response from Daniel Becnel,
    the attorney? He stated, unequivocally, that the Mike Becnel I
    leased an apartment from was not his brother, that he had no idea
    who he was and had never met him.

    This is odd because the Mike Becnel that was my landlord tried to
    get me to believe Daniel, or "Danny", as he referred to him, was
    his relative. Several attorneys made that assumption, too.
    Perhaps ol' Mike B was just "spinning" things to intimidate any
    potential ally I might find. Hmmm. Thanks for reminding me of
    that. I might have to contact an attorney after all.

    Thanks, Sharon, it does seem Mike B joined here for the sole
    purpose of harassing me. "It" refers to discussions it was having
    w/ you. Did I miss that? I saw no discussion, only sophomoric
    and ad hominem attacks whenever you post, especially updates on
    your case.

    On 10/01/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Enough, Mike B. It is no secret you started posting on this
    > board, not because you care of environmental issues, but
    > because you have been Hell bent to harass Deborah.
    > You have gone beyond poor taste. Stop.
    > On 10/01/10, Mike B. wrote:
    >> Listen closely Deborah - until you called me a "tool", I was
    >> happy to ignore your tasteless and malicious attacks on me
    >> throughout my discussions with Sharon Kramer.
    >> Your history and lifestyle around these parts is well known.
    >> Being called a "homewrecker" is the least of your problems.
    >> Whatever psudo-lawyer you've been able to consult will soon
    >> learn you're the offensive lump in the punch bowl.
    >> BTW - my wife couldn't care less about you. She, too, knows
    >> your true background and what you haven't "shared" with the
    >> people on this and other sites.
    >> On 9/30/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>> Well, Mike B., guess that is libel. Isn't it? Or at least
    >>> an attempt at it. Like I said, I am still waiting for you
    >>> to give details on this.
    >>> You are a piece of work, aren't you?
    >>> This is a board to discuss mold litigation and tangential,
    >>> relevant issues. How is your attempt at libeling me
    >>> relevant here? More importantly, how is ANYTHING you post
    >>> here relevant?

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