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    Re: Libel

    Posted by Mike B. on 10/04/10

    Yeah, why don't you do that Deborah. Tell Danny I said "hi" and I'm
    really glad he lost the election to the court of appeals.

    Yep, Fannie Mae came to vist me at my plantation a few months ago. She
    and I are on good terms. Jealous?

    On 10/03/10, Deborah wrote:
    > Perhaps I should ask Daniel Becnel to look at this? He might be very
    > interested.
    > On 10/02/10, Deborah wrote:
    >> Daniel Becnel said not related to Michael E Becnel and that he didn't
    >> even know him, and he put it in writing.
    >> Fannie Mae ever follow up on your purchases?
    >> On 10/01/10, Mike B. wrote:
    >>> You "mentioned" this archaic BS years ago. You don't scare me with
    >>> your inuendo about lawyers, judges and whatever else goes through
    >>> your addled mind.
    >>> Since when does "relative" equal "brother"? That just proves the
    >>> point that you and Sharon hear what you want to hear, and don't
    >>> actually "listen" to what's being said. Who or what do you blame
    >>> for that disability?
    >>> On 10/01/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>>> Sharon,
    >>>> Did I mention that I'd finally had a response from Daniel Becnel,
    >>>> the attorney? He stated, unequivocally, that the Mike Becnel I
    >>>> leased an apartment from was not his brother, that he had no idea
    >>>> who he was and had never met him.
    >>>> This is odd because the Mike Becnel that was my landlord tried to
    >>>> get me to believe Daniel, or "Danny", as he referred to him, was
    >>>> his relative. Several attorneys made that assumption, too.
    >>>> Perhaps ol' Mike B was just "spinning" things to intimidate any
    >>>> potential ally I might find. Hmmm. Thanks for reminding me of
    >>>> that. I might have to contact an attorney after all.
    >>>> Thanks, Sharon, it does seem Mike B joined here for the sole
    >>>> purpose of harassing me. "It" refers to discussions it was
    >>> having
    >>>> w/ you. Did I miss that? I saw no discussion, only sophomoric
    >>>> and ad hominem attacks whenever you post, especially updates on
    >>>> your case.
    >>>> On 10/01/10, Sharon wrote:
    >>>>> Enough, Mike B. It is no secret you started posting on this
    >>>>> board, not because you care of environmental issues, but
    >>>>> because you have been Hell bent to harass Deborah.
    >>>>> You have gone beyond poor taste. Stop.
    >>>>> On 10/01/10, Mike B. wrote:
    >>>>>> Listen closely Deborah - until you called me a "tool", I was
    >>>>>> happy to ignore your tasteless and malicious attacks on me
    >>>>>> throughout my discussions with Sharon Kramer.
    >>>>>> Your history and lifestyle around these parts is well known.
    >>>>>> Being called a "homewrecker" is the least of your problems.
    >>>>>> Whatever psudo-lawyer you've been able to consult will soon
    >>>>>> learn you're the offensive lump in the punch bowl.
    >>>>>> BTW - my wife couldn't care less about you. She, too, knows
    >>>>>> your true background and what you haven't "shared" with the
    >>>>>> people on this and other sites.
    >>>>>> On 9/30/10, Deborah wrote:
    >>>>>>> Well, Mike B., guess that is libel. Isn't it? Or at least
    >>>>>>> an attempt at it. Like I said, I am still waiting for you
    >>>>>>> to give details on this.
    >>>>>>> You are a piece of work, aren't you?
    >>>>>>> This is a board to discuss mold litigation and tangential,
    >>>>>>> relevant issues. How is your attempt at libeling me
    >>>>>>> relevant here? More importantly, how is ANYTHING you post
    >>>>>>> here relevant?

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