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    Re: WA DOH Mold Exposure Guide

    Posted by Sharon on 10/09/10

    Good find, Deborah,

    "On 10/08/10, Deborah wrote:

    A small number of molds produce toxins called mycotoxins.
    When people are exposed to high levels of mold mycotoxins
    they may suffer toxic effects, including fatigue, nausea,
    headaches, and irritation to the lungs and eyes. If you or
    your family members have health problems that you suspect are
    caused by exposure to mold, you should consult with your

    Wow! State of Washington. A little different from:

    “Based on the studies that you have done, the literature that
    you have discussed, and your experience and training, have
    you formed an opinion based on reasonable scientific
    probability or certainty as to whether or not there was
    enough mycotoxin in the home to have caused any illness to
    Mrs. Haynes, Michael Haynes, or Liam Haynes?' Kelman’s answer
    was 'Yes.' The attorney went on: 'And, what is that opinion,
    doctor?' Kelman answered, 'THERE COULD NOT BE. I mean, the
    differences between the maximum dose that we could come up
    with and the level at which we see effects for a broad range
    of mycotoxins is just too great.”

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