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    Re: WA DOH Mold Exposure Guide

    Posted by Deborah on 10/09/10

    A gulf of difference.

    On 10/09/10, Sharon wrote:
    > Good find, Deborah,
    > "On 10/08/10, Deborah wrote:
    > A small number of molds produce toxins called mycotoxins.
    > When people are exposed to high levels of mold mycotoxins
    > they may suffer toxic effects, including fatigue, nausea,
    > headaches, and irritation to the lungs and eyes. If you or
    > your family members have health problems that you suspect are
    > caused by exposure to mold, you should consult with your
    > physician.
    > Wow! State of Washington. A little different from:
    > “Based on the studies that you have done, the literature that
    > you have discussed, and your experience and training, have
    > you formed an opinion based on reasonable scientific
    > probability or certainty as to whether or not there was
    > enough mycotoxin in the home to have caused any illness to
    > Mrs. Haynes, Michael Haynes, or Liam Haynes?' Kelman’s answer
    > was 'Yes.' The attorney went on: 'And, what is that opinion,
    > doctor?' Kelman answered, 'THERE COULD NOT BE. I mean, the
    > differences between the maximum dose that we could come up
    > with and the level at which we see effects for a broad range
    > of mycotoxins is just too great.”

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