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    Re: Surprise! Veritox Finds Nothing Wrong w/Weyerhaeuser Hou

    Posted by Rem Dude on 10/19/10

    "These common conditions combine to create an unhealthy
    and 'toxic soup' affecting the air quality in the homes,"

    That statement alone should have disqualified any CIH from
    testimony. There is no such definition in the industry, no
    testing method to derive such a definition, and positively
    no associated medical condition.

    There is certainly correlation between allergen exposure and
    asthma, beyond that, the rest of the claims appear to be

    If you’re going to make a claim, at a minimum you should
    show up with both irrefutable environmental evidence
    followed by irrefutable medical proof linking exposure to
    illness. PCR proof linking exposure to illness would be a
    good start.

    Apparently, the plaintiffs have lousy counsel and no
    intelligent IEQ guidance. They should stick with building
    defect litigation. They could probably prove that case
    without all the unsubstantiated toxic soup hype and hysteria.

    You would think by now that the legal profession would wise
    up to the facts - black toxic mold hype doesn’t work


    On 10/19/10, Penny Silly-um wrote:

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