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    Re: Surprise! Veritox Finds Nothing Wrong w/Weyerhaeuser Hou

    Posted by Deborah on 10/20/10

    On 10/19/10, Rem Dude wrote:
    > " You would think by now that the legal profession would wise
    > up to the facts - black toxic mold hype doesn�t work
    > anymore."
    > RD
    You think that any CIH, remediator, medical professional, IAQ
    expert, etc. would wise up to the fact that molds and their
    byproducts, even molds other than "black" toxic mold [sic
    redundant], do indeed cause serious health problems in a much
    larger 'sub'-group of the population than earlier 'position'
    statements and opinions for hire led the general public, the
    courts, and many others to believe.

    Aspergillus is one of the worst culprits and also largely
    responsible for adult onset asthma as well as many other ailments.

    But I do agree with the remark about construction defects being
    a viable cause of action and one that should have been pursued

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