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    Re: Insurance Adjuster leaves us in black mold

    Posted by Sharon on 11/04/10

    Hi Mary,

    I am so sorry to hear you are going thru this. If I were in
    your situation, I would join at Yahoo group
    called "Sickbuildings". The group has over 2500 members who
    have "been there, done that". I feel certain that this group
    could help point you in the right direction to help you
    understand your rights as a tenant in a moldy habitat and the
    insurers duty to the landlord, aka their insured; and their
    duty to you to protect your health and safety. Just
    search "Yahoo Groups Sickbuildings" to figure out how to

    Best of success to you.

    Sharon Kramer

    On 11/03/10, Mary Jensen wrote:
    > Sears sold two female senior citizens a water and ice
    > maker frig 5 yrs ago. My mother now 87 yr old. The cheap
    > plastic tube burst as they do. The cheap plastic is known
    > to burst. Sears never informed us of the problem or told
    > us to get copper pipes.
    > The hose burst dumping over 1,000 gallons of water within
    > 20 hrs. into the basement bedrooms. Farmers insurance
    > adjusters did not inform us we now had a black mold
    > growing as it took them 4 days to appraise. They cut a
    > piece of carpet out of the 2nd flooded bedroom to anylyze.
    > Told me they would pay for new carpet and pad. But they
    > allowed $3.56 to remove moldy carpet, $3. for new carpet
    > pad, $50. on carpeting. The black mold was growing right
    > by the door. Never informed me. Could not find people to
    > remove black mold carpet. Someone from Farmers called a
    > disaster team. Told them I was to go into the mold room to
    > remove contents as they had paid the property owner $60.00
    > to do this. The same adjuster also paid $80. to launder
    > clothes telling me to wash them for the property owner he
    > lives out of town). I was already sick by this time. A
    > handy man was helping me. He kept insisting moisture was
    > behind the wall. Adjuster ignored him. Handy man came back
    > with a meter after the adjusters left moisture was behind
    > the wall. Everyone in the house got sick. Black mold is
    > dangerous ifeel violated.

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