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    Post: 70 years later, Down the Road From Winfery, and Sharon

    Posted by JohnCodie on 1/12/11

    As our country enters into the 150th year since a
    debilitating civil war, our country has great outsourcing of
    jobs; any jobs that would put food on the table. As the
    doctor loses his ability to practice medicine for his role
    in fake science of mercury and the autistic child, and as
    the mentally ill student causes such grief over his
    inability to properly express his feelings. There is a home
    town where the Mississippi Sissy revealed his displeasure of
    growing up different and sought to live freely only to
    become HIV positive. It is this hometown just shy of
    Winfery's and Sharon's home town that continues to care for
    the first autistic child, and remains a legacy to those who
    are committed to make the best of Gods will without blame,
    or "Why"? Too many toxic experts are prepared to provide
    the explanation for a quick buck and the continuing fame.
    According to my memory The Mississippi Sissy' received
    inspiration and art lessons from the caring mother of the
    autistic child that taught in public school and was an
    accomplished artist. The child now an adult continues to
    play golf, and check the banks books with his autistic mind
    three days a week.

    After 70 years the renowned doctors thought it might be
    beneficial to check up on theses 10 children. Don was case
    number one.

    Hometown Boy is Number 1, (Case Study Autism 1933)

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