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    Post: ACOEM New Mold Guidelines Ready Within Weeks

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 1/22/11

    Dear All,

    Seems ACOEM is not interested in any public, physician or
    IAQ professional comment prior to finalizing their new mold
    guidelines. Wonder if the US Chamber of Commerce and the
    Manhattan Institute think-tank are going to pay the
    revisors to have another "lay translation" of these written
    to be shared with judges, like they did for the last one?

    A.. January 21, 2011, Message from NIEHS to another
    concerned individual besides myself regarding the unveiling
    of ACOEM's new mold guidelines::

    "I talked with an ACOEM staff member, and the revised
    version of the position paper is not quite ready for
    publication. Once the paper is finalized, it will be posted
    on the public website. According to the staff member, this
    should take place in several weeks. I hope this information
    is helpful." (I would like to think it is going to be
    posted with a "comment" button, but am not hopeful)

    B. January 17, 2011: Request for Transparency & Oversight
    of Federal Funds Used to Educate US Pediatricians of
    Children’s Illnesses Caused by Water Damaged Buildings

    C. December 1, 2010: WorkCompCentral Group Petitions ACOEM
    for Review of Mold Guidelines

    D. November 28, 2010: Request for a two week public and
    ACOEM general member comment period prior to finalization
    of proposed revisions to the ACOEM health policy
    statement, 'Adverse Human Health Effects
    Associated with Molds in the Indoor Environment” Copyright
    © 2002

    E. November 29, 2010: Katy's Exposure Blog "Exposing
    Environmental Health Threats And Those Responsible"
    Overview (told in linked pdf evidence) of the vast problems
    their last lopsided and unscientific guidelines have caused
    for many citizens and professional within this issue over
    the past nine years:

    "On November 28, 2010, over ninety physicians, scientists,
    injured workers, employers, citizens and taxpayers sent a
    request to the occupational physician trade organization,
    the American College of Occupational and Environmental
    Medicine (ACOEM) to include public comment before
    finalizing their 2010 Revisions (March 2011 AOHC Session #
    2207) to their highly controversial policy over mold
    induced illnesses, established in 2002. To assure
    transparency and scientific accuracy in US health policy,
    fair workers comp insurer claims handling practices, and to
    assure that US health policy guidelines established by
    private sector physician organizations are in the US work
    force and public’s best interest; a Request for Oversight
    of ACOEM’s policy and intended revisions was sent to
    President Obama, Attorney General Holder, HHS Secretary
    Sebelius, the Senate HELP Committee and the Congressional
    Education and Labor Committee. Comments by concerned
    scientists, physicians and the public made be read in
    the 'Request for Oversight' link."


    Katy's Exposure Blog, ACOEM & Lack of Transparency

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