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    Post: If this little girls daddy was an AC

    Posted by Mrs. Sharon Kramer on 1/27/11

    or worked for VeriTox, Inc, or was Grassly grand daughter,
    wonder what her life would be like today? I also
    wonder "How do some people sleep at night knowing what they
    have done for the chsce of money on the backs of innocent

    Grassly wonders how HUD has been able to do this...once it
    comes to media light? Excuse me. I think he was elected
    into office to know this stuff without the media shing the
    light on it. Unclean hands and deliberate indifference.

    I have been to DC. This is what I know: John Conyers has
    some really cool shoes.

    ABC News People's live ruined from derilection of duty

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