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    Post: Pitch of US Chamber IT spies. Amazingly stupid!!

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 2/22/11

    Dear All,

    Since the US Chamber has played such a major role of adding
    politics, confusion and contention to the mold issue, I
    found it fascinating that an IT security company was
    pitching their DC lawyers, Hunton and Williams, to
    cyberstalk and character assassinate their adversaries.

    HGBary is located in Sacramento. They were going to be
    presenting at a big conference in SF this week how they had
    cracked who was Anonymous, that came to Wikileaks defense
    and hacked a bunch of computers. However, HGBary closed
    their booth and canceled their presentations. Below are
    just a few of the emails Anonymous hacked from
    the "security" company, HGBary that is headed by Aaron

    This belongs on the TV show "Cops" where they show antics
    of stupid criminals! This is right up there with the bank
    robber who got caught cuz he kept trying to push on the
    glass exit door to open it when he should have just pulled.

    One example:

    From: Aaron Barr
    To: Sam Kremin
    Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 11:50:25 -0500
    Subject: Re: Requests
    date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 11:50:25 -0500
    subject: Re: Requests
    to: Sam Kremin

    Ok i am going to type this out and if you don't mind
    prettying this up. The Palantir load on my MacBook
    corrupted the system files so I need to
    reinstall when i get home. So trusty iPad has to do for now.

    In all cases the following tactics apply. Use existing
    voices meet your
    objectives. Profile not only the organizations but the
    existing opposition
    so you know how to most effectively use them. Create
    multiple actors to
    deliver against specific objectives. One person might be
    purely used to
    burn in the process of legitimizing another personna. There
    is no cookie
    cutter methodology. While certain methods can be used
    consistently, each
    campaign is different and how you apply tactics to achieve
    objectives needs
    to be tailored. Humor and ridicule always work better than
    dry facts. If
    you can deliver facts through humor or ridicule all the

    Uschamberwatch is very politically connected. Established
    by CtW and Andy
    Stern. Associated with many powerful behind the scenes dc
    operatives. They
    are not one to use theatrical performances or over
    jestures. The people in
    this case are less important than the organization. So need
    to discredit
    the organization.

    1. Paint USChamberWatch as an operative of CtW and the
    unions. At the same
    time need to highlight the organization of the unions
    against the chamber.
    Show the flow of union members to CtW and the closeness of
    CtW and

    2. Talk about the unions being an inhibitor to progress
    against the chambers
    focus of staying on top of a changing world. Forcing jobs
    to stay in the us
    and fighting for unrealistic individual benefits in a
    downed economy is
    hurting the US and employees which the chamber is working
    to ensure US
    businesses prosper in a global economy and fostering the
    creation of new
    jobs in the us through fostering innovation and
    technological advancement.
    Something like that. Packaged in the right mediums this
    could be powerful.

    3. Might try creating a false document and see if they pick
    it up.
    Probably financial information for a period they have
    explicit evidence
    such tap transaction didn't occur. Create a fake insider
    personna and start
    communications with CtW. At the right point release the
    actual documents
    and paint this as an CtW contrived operation. They can't be
    trusted to
    stick to truth, etc.

    4. Make the connection to velvet revolution and their
    radical tactics. That
    they are all loosely operating together. Depending on the
    level if
    connection we can make this may need to be more conspiracy
    based by a
    separate but very vocal personna.

    5. If needed we may need t create two fake insider
    personnas using one to
    discredit the other giving the second immediate legitimacy.
    This is
    complicated and needs to be well thought out. You need a
    few different
    strategies fir this to work thinking through the vetting
    USChamberWatch will likely ask.

    6. Create a humor piece about the leaders of CtW.

    Velvet revolution is a radical theatrical organization.
    They like the
    spotlight. In this case there are personalities and back
    office operatives.
    They are a grassroots organization with many ties to other
    groups. They run on limited funds and work on the fringes
    of the political
    process. Their job is to make noise and keep the argument
    alive in the

    1. Attack kimberlin and after a series of attacks on his
    person start
    making ties to the back office folks like keese, gelt, and
    discrediting them by association. Done in the right way
    this can cause them
    to distance themselves and also funders from kimberlin.

    2. Attack their antics as self-serving and childish.

    3. It should be easy to create some information and get
    them to run with
    it. In this case since their are such vocal supporters and
    manipulate them both to further this course. This will take
    a few different
    persons to play the different groups. Need to classify
    their constituency
    and appropriate actions to illicit the right responses.

    Some basic thoughts. Problem with this is without a full
    analysis we are
    shooting from the hip without complete data and courses of
    action. I really
    am anxious of providing this to them for fear the will use
    it to judge our
    overall ability. Cart before the horse. Not sure if you
    want more direct
    associations with more enumerated individuals. I have some
    analysis but that should be a result of paid analysis.


    Sent from my iPad

    On Nov 29, 2010, at 10:23 AM, Sam Kremin


    Yeah, don't put a ton of effort into the mock report. I
    think just something
    as simple as what you've told me about the difference
    between velvet and
    uschamberwatch and really simply their pressure points
    would be more than
    enough. Regarding meeting with Bob, I hope that either
    tomorrow or more
    likely Wednesday we can meet. Once they respond to our
    labor cat submission,
    I'll see what they would be available for.


    On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 10:11 AM, Aaron Barr

    > Working on the resumes. On the report sure. We are
    finishing up our
    > drive today so I will get to it soonest. Basically what
    it will
    > entail is a link chart of key people in the distribution
    > information, background information on each individual
    and ways to
    > counteract their effect on group.. I don't have these
    unclassified so
    > I would have to cut from scratch and as I understood the
    > he didn't want us to put that level of effort into it?
    Thoughts? Are
    > we getting together with Bob this week?
    > From my iPhone
    > On Nov 29, 2010, at 9:54 AM, Sam Kremin

    > wrote:
    > > Aaron,
    > > I hope you are not worse for the wear after your trek
    to the midwest.
    > Today, like I said in the other Email, we'll be creating
    mock intel reports
    > to give to Hunton. Could you make up a mock report that
    you think would be
    > the most helpful for the lay people at Hunton to
    understand what you would
    > be doing? Also, could you send over the resumes of the
    people who will work
    > this project, so that we can include them with our
    resumes and the reports?
    > >
    > > Thanks,
    > > Sam
    > >
    > > --
    > > Samuel Kremin
    > > Analyst/Consultant
    > > Berico Technologies
    > > 703.473.1493

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