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    Post: Goofy Dan Fisher of Forbes Magazine Strikes Again

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 2/27/11

    Mold Helps Reduce Asthma, But Will Lawyers
    incredibly stupid this writing really is?

    According to Fisher, it would seem that we should all go
    hose our houses down with water, let it sit til mold grows,
    and then put our children in there for the sake of
    improving their health.

    This is what the actual conclusion of the NEJM paper Fisher
    cites in purportedly support his "scientific" position says:

    "Conclusions Children living on farms were exposed to a
    wider range of microbes than were children in the reference
    group, and this exposure explains a substantial fraction of
    the inverse relation between asthma and growing up on a

    He is trying to argue that more mold in urban dwellings is
    good for the children. But if that is the case, then why
    are these children who are breathing lots of mold in
    substandard housing not has healthy as the farm children?

    The NEJM article acknowledges children in urban settings
    have more asthma. It also states,

    "At first glance, these findings may challenge previous
    observations suggesting that molds may account for the
    increased risk of asthma ascribed to dampness. However,
    molds are very heterogeneous, and different genera or
    species within very large taxa, such as penicillium
    species, may exert diverse effects."

    Fisher never got beyond the first glance. According to the
    writings of Fisher, one would conclude that - directly
    contridicting to the NEJM article which acknowledges they
    studied two molds that seem to help farm children avoid
    asthma later in life - that his stupid writing is a reason
    for plaintiff attorneys to run for cover. Seems to me it is
    more of a good reason for them to get a good chuckle on a
    Sunday morning.

    "This might be inconvenient for plaintiff lawyers who have
    made a lucrative practice of suing urban landlords for lung
    diseases they blame on mold and bacteria, which they in
    turn blame on shoddy maintenance practices....Mold suits
    have been especially effective in inner-city areas where
    it’s easy to find a jury willing to blame the landlord for
    a child’s illness....The myth is busted."

    My conclusion: Subscriptions must be down at Forbes
    Magazine OR Dan has a copy of ACOEM's new mold guidelines,
    pre publication, and is doing a little pre-sale work.

    Wish he would send it to me like he did the AAAAI mold
    statement, pre-publication, so we could get to work on
    exposing the anticipated frauds in the paper. In 2006,
    Fisher played a MAJOR Role is stopping the AAAAI paper from
    being used as a weapon against the sick in court.

    From my TRUTH OUT paper, of which, Dan has a copy!!:

    18) The AAAAI mold policy statement is a
    medico-legal publication that is used to market the concept
    to the courts that it is the consensus opinion of thousands
    of immunologists who treat mold injured patients on a
    regular basis. Yet, listed as co-author – Jay Portnoy, who
    is the Section Chief, Allergy, Asthma, Immunology,
    Professor of Pediatrics, University of Missouri-Kansas City
    School of Medicine – deems the AAAAI paper as
    the “scientific approach on this topic has been extremely
    negative” with his name and University of Missouri
    credentials attached as authoring without his knowledge.
    Thus adding false credibility that the AAAAI publication is
    representative of the consensus of the five stated authors,
    and the scientific consensus of the thousands of allergist
    and immunologist members of the AAAAI; consistent with the
    occupational physicians of ACOEM.

    19) However, Jay did not even know he was
    named as co-authoring this paper for AAAAI until I told him
    in a February 2006 email. An acquaintance of mine from
    Forbes Magazine, Dan Fisher, who frequently writes of
    litigation from commerce’s position, somehow had access to
    the AAAAI policy statement before its publication in the
    JACI and sent it to me. I sent it to Jay. Jay then
    requested his name be removed. Apparently, the AAAAI
    replied “No”, as Jay is still named as co-authoring this
    substantive medico-legal policy paper that does not support
    his scientific opinion and in reality, he did not co-
    author. He says you rewrote his findings regarding irritant
    reactions from mold exposure and from there he had nothing
    to do with it.

    20) Much like the USA went to war based on the
    frenzied hype and false marketing to decision makers that
    Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; all three of these
    closely related medico-legal policy setters, ACOEM’s,
    AAAAI’s & US Chamber’s, all naming you as co-authoring and
    thus all carrying the University of California’s
    imprimatur, are used in marketing the false scientific
    concept to the courts and into US health policy that Bruce
    and Brian could legitimately apply math extrapolations to
    data they took from a single intratracially instilled
    mechanistic study by Dr. Carol Rao; mix several
    hypotheticals into the equation; and then mass market via
    medical associations, teaching hospitals and the US
    Chamber; what is a nonsequitor of science that flies in the
    face of the basic tenets of toxicology and common sense.
    Ie, Based on this one set of calculations, the toxic
    components of mold that are found in water damaged
    buildings are scientifically established to pose no threat
    to human health. Thus, sick little children in the USA, who
    claim moldy (and insured) buildings are making them
    seriously ill with chronic immune system inflammations
    brought on by microbial toxins, are Evil Doers out to scam
    insurers – and so are their weeping mothers. (Best summed
    up by a Sacramento, California judge, Huge Leap)

    6) The AAAAI oddly did not retract or edit
    their 2006 mold medico-legal policy paper, even after
    receiving numerous complaints from physicians and
    scientists (including Dr. Harriet Ammann, the author of
    Toxicity Section for the IOM Report (2004) with which the
    AAAAI mold statement falsely professes to be in sync) ; and
    even after Jay informed them he did not really author any
    aspect of the final product of their policy paper – in
    2006. The AAAAI did change their journal authors’ required
    disclosure policy to include income generated from
    professionally witnessing, directly because of this fiasco
    over the mold issue – which lives on through the US Chamber
    of Commerce and the NAA. – “panel of scientists” “years of
    intense study have failed to produce any causal
    connection” “nonscientific piece that has my name on
    it” “something assessible to judges” “negative on the
    science” “huge leap” of the AAAAI, ACOEM, and US Chamber of
    Commerce’s “Scientific View” of the health effects of mold
    and 2009, NAA legal document in Arizona.

    7) The under oath conflicting testimonies of
    you and Bruce of who really authored what for the US
    Chamber of Commerce over the mold issue further diminishes
    the scientific credibility of both ACOEM’s and AAAAI’s mold
    position statements that are both co-authored by you — by
    the entanglement of medical association position statement
    authors and prolific expert defense witnesses – who
    basically seem to point the finger at each other about who
    really authored a scientifically void, medico-legal
    marketing piece for US Chamber of Commerce over the mold
    issue with the express intent to influence the courts – and
    no one claiming authorship of the Chamber paper on their

    8) The Big Lie in health marketing perpetrated
    by both ACOEM and AAAAI is Plainly Stated in Lay
    Terminology by the US Chamber paper, Ie, that it is
    scientifically proven the toxic components of mold does no
    harm when one is exposed in a water damaged building and
    anyone who says it does should be considered by their
    doctors and the courts to be mentally ill liars out to scam
    their insurer, employer or landlord– with your imprimatur
    and thus the University of California’s on all three of
    these medico-legal policy papers: ACOEM’s, AAAAI’s & the US

    Mold Helps Reduce Asthma, But Will Lawyers Notice?

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