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    Post: WorkCompCentral 3/9 ACOEM Mold NO Appease Critics

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 3/10/11

    WorkCompCentral Top 03/09/11

    Revised ACOEM Mold Statement Doesn’t Appease Critics:

    By Patrick Reilly, Correspondent

    The American College of Occupational and Environmental
    Medicine has released long-awaited revisions to its
    contentious position paper on the health effects of mold

    The paper, released Feb. 24, says indoor molds have
    an “important, but minor overall role in allergic airway
    disease. Except for persons with severely impaired immune
    systems, indoor mold is not a source of fungal

    The conclusion isn’t significantly different than the
    statement in ACOEM’s original position statement, which
    drew fire from critics who say the college is too cozy with
    claims payers....

    “What they put out is exactly what we expected,” Kramer
    said. “It is a new and improved litigation defense
    argument that is not based on currently accepted

    ACOEM’s original paper relied in part on a test in which
    mice were exposed to a specific strain of mold and suffered
    no significant health effects. The test was extrapolated
    to reach the conclusion that exposure to mold would have no
    effect in humans.

    “It is insurance fraud. Nothing has changed,” [Kramer]
    said. “They took data from a single rodent study. Those
    calculations have been thrown out of court.” (I added the

    ACOEM came under fire for its 2002 position paper after a
    Wall Street Journal report revealed that the two authors,
    Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin, were toxicologists and
    defense witnesses who testified that there was no health
    effect caused by exposure to mold....

    McLellan said the general public also had the opportunity
    to comment on the revisions.....”Public comments did go to
    the Council of Scientific Advisors.”

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