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    Post: 3/11 Critique of ACOEM Mold Statement by Dr. Shoemaker

    Posted by Sharon Kramer on 3/13/11

    "Finally, ACOEM 2011 is here! After all the damage done to
    victims of moldy buildings by ACOEM 2002, I hoped to find
    something from this report that would benefit society. No,
    there is nothing here. Just more of the self-serving
    sleight of hand served up by this trade body for the
    benefit of their customers.

    So many of us have seen just how the ACOEM 2002 was a tool
    designed to sway opinions of those uninformed, especially
    including judges and juries. ACOEM advertised itself
    as “The pre-eminent organization of physicians who champion
    the health and safety of workers, workplaces and
    environments.” Based on the ACOEM 2002 and 2011, one may re-
    state this claim to become the pre-eminent organization of
    defense consultants seeking to perpetrate scientific fraud
    upon workers, families and all concerned about water-
    damaged buildings."

    Comments welcomed.

    ACOEM 2011 Report Review

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